Anybody remember Hugo's House of Horrors?

Or the Hugo sequels (Hugo 2: Whodunit, and Hugo 3: The Jungle of Doom)

I used to play these back in the day. It took me forever to finish them then, but I just started playing them again and finished them in about 30 minutes or so each.

Ah, the world needs more text driven adventure games with minimal graphics.

Yeah, those games fascinated my family. We never got very far. I do remember figuring out how to throw the porkchop fast enough to not get mauled to death by the dog.

My grandpa preferred Wolfenstein 3D and Commander Keen. Hee.

Yes, the trick lies in typing “throw chop” before entering the room, then hitting enter as soon as the scene changes. Then you lift the rug, oil the bolt, and open the trapdoor.