Anybody See That Picture of the Warp on the Shuttle's Wing?

TLC aired a program tonight on space flight. I only caught part of it, but they showed a clip of Columbia’s left wing while the ship was in orbit and near the trailing edge of the wing was this huge concave section of the wing, that didn’t appear to belong there. Anybody know if this was a shot from its last mission and if that’s a “normal” condition for the wing in orbit?

I saw a program on the Columbia disaster the other day and don’t remember anything like that.

However I did Google this up :

Which is a pretty sad photo of it during descent.

Not sure what you saw, but was it by chance anything similar to the pictures shown on this Snopes page?

If so, then as you can see there, it wasn’t what it appeared to be.

Again, not sure this is anything like what you saw.

That looks like the shot, but they made no claim as to their being cracks on the wing. The show’s scheduled to rerun on the 24th, and assuming that the war doesn’t change that I’ll try to catch it again.

Did you read the Snopes article? The picture doesn’t show cracks on the wing because it’s not a picture of the wing. It’s the cargo bay.

Yeah, which is where I read about the crack claims. Like I said in my OP I didn’t catch the whole program and they were talking about the wing and showing a picture which to my memory looks similar to the one on Snopes, but might not have been. I’m gonna tape the show when it’s reran and see if that’s the image I saw or not.

There’s a better picture here: