Anybody seen The Crimson Rivers? (French movie)

I caught this movie last night on TV, The Crimson Rivers, with Jean Reno and Vincent Cassel.
I had read the book (very good) and was very happy to catch the movie.
But… of course… there is a but… they took everything out! The most important explanations, findings, etc…

If anybody saw/read the Crimson Rivers, I’d love to hear your opinion.

I saw it on cable a few months ago. If you search on my name and ‘The Crimson Rivers’ in Cafe Society, you can find my comments from then.

Basically, I thought it was a movie that had great potential. It started going downhill during that videogame-esque fight sequence. The version I saw was dubbed and the voices were a tad jarring.

It had great opening credits, though.

Oops, I will go and try to make a search! Thank you Juanita.
(the voices were dubbed for me too and this French accent drove me nuts, I could not understand half of it … I am French…)