Anybody seen Thirteen Reasons Why, S2?

…and if so, would you mind spoiling it for me?

For the life of me, I can’t think of a reason for there to be a second season. Of course, the first season didn’t float my boat, either, and I pretty much let it be background noise while Kayla watched it. Of course, I knew how it was going to end, even without reading the plot summaries on Wikipedia.

Only now, it’s into a second season, and Kayla (predictably) is trying to get through it. It’s still a toss-up whether she’ll finish it. But once I’ve been made aware that it exists, I just gotta know how it ends. And the Wikipedia article is being uncooperative.

I mean, I know that the girl’s parents are suing the school, but the plot summary for the last episode won’t tell me if they win. Frankly, that’s the only thing I have any interest in knowing.

Anybody? TIA. :slight_smile:

The characters in Prison Break escaped at the end of the first season. But the show went on for four more seasons and a movie.

It’s a reality of American television; a series doesn’t end just because its premise ran out. As long as viewers keep watching, the network will keep broadcasting it.

Jeez, He didn’t ask you to spoil that show for us.:dubious:

What part of Prison Break did I spoil for you? That it was set in a prison? That there was a break?

It’s shit. Basically we get more rapes including one of the boys being brutally and graphically sodomized with a mop, the mom loses the court case, Bryce gets off for any rapes and no one is ever found responsible or guilty of anything. It’s 13 hours of pure misery and watching bad people doing bad thing with zero consequences.
I will not be subjecting myself to season three.

I drifted away after three or four episodes and have no regrets

Yeah. Stupid show. It romanticizes suicide. One of the worst shows for teens, IMO.

Agreed, the whole premise that everyone else is responsible for her suicide and should feel guilty is a horrible message for young people

My kids’ school actually sent out a warning.

So is Season 2 reasons 14 through 26?

I’ve watched the first few episodes of season 2. I gave it up. First of all, I couldn’t remember who was who and what their backstory was. It just didn’t hold my attention.

S2 was a bit of a slog, filling in more backstory/exposition that we did NOT get in S1, concurrent with a lawsuit/court case against the school, so it turns inti a bit of a confusing mess.

I couldn’t even watch the ss1. I think this show is just too sad and tragic.
I couldn’t stand the idea of committing suicide too. So this show is not for me :frowning:

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