Anybody using Google Apps in a corporate environment?

We’re pretty much decided to go to Google Apps for email, shared calendars and other collaborative tools. Not for the word processor or spreadsheet. I’d be interested to hear any comments from people who are using or evaluating it, or any horror stories you have heard. I mean things beyond “but you can’t use it when you are offline” - I’m looking for less obvious gotchas or criticisms. Thanks.

I’ve used google spreadsheets in our workplace.

We had a project where three of us were running simulations, and every time you finished one, you checked it off in the spreadsheet.

Pretty simple usage of it, but one might be running the sims from a desk, or from remote login, and it was important to know which ones others did so you didn’t reproduce them.

I don’t even know if you can do that with Excel, but it’s so easy to do with google, that’s what I did.

Also, a guy and me track who we see in the bathroom.

We do. It’s become rather useful when scheduling appointments for several different locations in different cities. We also use it for corporate email (cheaper than an IT dept for now) and a few docs, nothing really important.

Overall, it’s nice, but it’s no replacement for Microsoft at this point. There’s just too many things that AREN’T included to make it an Office Killer.