Anybody using VOIP?

I’m trying to consolidate the computer/phone usage in my house. I rarely use the phone. My wife and stepson have cells (with unlimited evenings & weekends). My stepdaughter has her own landline (for use with AOL - see also my wireless router thread) and a cell phone.

If I can get rid of Bellsouth, that would be great. I’m paying about $85/month for the two landlines (the stepdaughter pays for her line). We might make 1 or 2 long distance calls a year.

What are the pros and cons of VOIP?

The advantages are pretty good, overall, but there is a disadvantage in that 911 services can’t identify your location from a VoIP phone - at least they couldn’t until very recently. If they’ve solved that problem (haven’t checked in a while), then I don’t really see any downsided. The company I work for is doing a lot of VoIP work in hospitals, but that’s a different dynamic than your home.

Chances are you wont get any Quality of Service, you can never tell how they route/tunnel your call so you could end up going through a satellite or doing mulitple hops which will add massive lag and increase packet loss.

So one day youll make a call up be clear as daises and another you may have distorted speech.

I use it and overall its not as nice as a landline but a heck of a lot cheaper :slight_smile:

The Whia household just got cable phone and have banished Qwest from their lives. I’ve not noticed any quality of service problems, and I asked the installer about 911. He said it works the same as it did before. So far, so good. And they will pay to move me back to Qwest if I don’t like their service. As if I’d go back! :stuck_out_tongue:

We have it, and it is true for us that the quality is not that good. One thing that we have problems with is an incoming call killing the current call. No idea why that happens, and it doesn’t happen every time. Our international bill has dropped by 75% though so I’d never go back!

I have the 500 min a month plan from Vonage it’s around 18.00 plus taxes and I love it. We do have another line in the house that is wired so calling 911 is no problem