Anybody wanna help me out with a crossword clue?

I’m down to two words left:

“Within reach” (4, 2) I have “T_H_N_” so far
“A distinctive doctrine” (3) “I_M” so far

:confused: Any ideas? Surely there must be crossword enthusiast types on these boards!

(I suddenly have to step out for a little bit, so if I don’t reply right away I’m not being snotty!)


Are you sure it’s not (2, 4)? I see “TO HAND”


Or “at hand”.

The second is definately ‘ism’… and the first looks like ‘to hand’ to me as well.

Woo Hoo! Thanks, you guys rock! The “ism” one was making me nuts, but now it seems so obvious:smack:

I was about 60% sure of “to hand”, but it didn’t really seem to be right.

Thanks again!

And er, yeah, it was (2, 4), not (4,2).

For future reference, two good sites for crossword solvers are a2z Wordfinder and OneAcross. I prefer the latter, because it will extrapolate if you have incorrect letters, it includes phrases and proper names in its database, and it will rank order possible answers. However, the former gives output more concisely and appears(?) to have a more extensive dictionary, so both are useful.