Anybody want a gmail account?

I have 5 invitations to give away. First 5 responses to Personas get them. Include first and last name and email address for response.

Auction’s over. Five responses within four minutes! I’m glad to help out here after receiving so much helpful advice.

I’ll check my so’s account and see if they gave her free invites too. If so, I’ll give them to those that missed.

You should hear from gmail within a day or so.

I could answer if I knew what they were…

Gmail is Google’s free mail service; it’s not open to the general public yet. I got an invitation to sign up through Blogger, since I’ve been a regular user for a while, and if I had a lick of sense I’d have signed up for [myfirstname], or at least checked to see if it was still available. (My first name is not terribly common.)

But I didn’t. I signed up for my blog’s name instead.


I also got an early account, and forgot to check if just my first name is available. But then I figured, it’s a pretty common name, so it would likely be spammed into uselessness almost instantly.

Yes, please! Thank you.

Oh damn, too late then I guess :frowning:

I thought first five replies to this thread, so I just read your first sentence and didn’t even bother reading the rest of the OP :slight_smile:

I was thinking of switching to Plan B, but you’re already Plan B :smiley:

I think Plan A and Plan C are still available. But please don’t take Plan Be or Plan Bee.

I have one invite to give away if anyone wants it. Free to the first to the first one that asks. :slight_smile:

I don’t mean to needlessly harsh anyone’s buzz, but there are apparently a number of privacy concerns about Gmail, if you care about that sort of thing.

It’s been taken. :cool:

I have one also…email me at

loquan at gmail dot com

if you would like it.

Please, don’t email me after I post here saying it’s been taken–I only have one to give away.

How 'bout Plan G Mail ?

Which, I must admit, isn’t working out too well for me right now. Would the next kind soul please email me directly at xash @ ideadutch dot com . I’m on night duty at the SDMB and am fast asleep when you post your “First person to email me gets my gmail invitation”.

I’ll come back to this thread and sing your praises. Promise. I’ll even forward all my spam to you. Yum.

Thanks HMLorna! Never was there a more majestic Lorna that graced the boards!

Yay! Anonymous Doper[sup]*[/sup] sent me a G Mail invite :slight_smile: I now have my very own G Mail account. I am totally thrilled.

1 GB! And the interface rocks. This is awesome. Thank you all. Plan B for starting the thread. siberia for teasing me. Spurious George for the warning I shall be reminded of when the cops come to get me. HerMajestyLorna for the sweet mail explaining why I was banished from her kingdom and how she would try to grant me citizenship sometime in the future if possible.

G Mail Trivia for the day: Username must be atleast 6 chars. Damn.

[sup]*[/sup]who wished not to be named in this thread.

I’ve desperately been trying to get a hold of a Gmail account as a birthday gift for my computer-nerd SO. I know getting this would trump all the other super-elaborate plans I’ve made for the day and all the other more “material” presents, but anything to make the man happy, I suppose.

So, if ANYONE has a gmail giveaway, please email manasi_is @ hotmail . com. I will send you a token of my appreciation from exotic Singapore in return! Cross my heart, I will!

Please please please please please pleaaaasseeeee…in the name of love…in the name of the bribe I’m offering…in the name of anything at all…pleeeeeeease!!!

You’re welcome, Abby, and I’m glad you finally found one xash!

Ooh! I’ve been hoping to get an account, too. After aankh gets one, if someone’s still got a spare, I’d be very grateful if you could email me at vix1 @ wildmail dot com.

Ah, I suppose I’ll get in line as well. If anyone has an invitation available, please send it to marv _ r0b0 @ hotmail . com (those are zeros, and take out all the spaces, of course). Thanks much.