Anybody Watch BOLD & BEAUTIFUL?

I’ve watched it for years and cannot believe it is still on the air. It has to be the worst thing on daytime television, including SPRINGER and PASSIONS!
Brooke Logan has to be the biggest slut in daytime television!
And Ron Moss is nothing but cheekbones.
Now Amber is designing a hip new line for Forrester that is nothing but trash clothes, but folks are lapping it up!
Give me a break!

You crack me up!!!
You hate it, but you are totally up to date on what’s going on!
I occcasionally catch a glimpse of it while I’m flipping channels…and I find those cheek bones creepy.
But not as creepy as Brooke. Now she’s got the hots for Whip, the litttle HO!!!
She needs a lobotomy. And maybe some pennicillin.

I think springer scares me more–I can’t even watch it. No, really, I CAN"T!!!