Anybody watch "Sunset Tan" on "E!" ?

After catching half an episode on late night E!, I purchased the entire first season of “Sunset Tan” on iTunes and watched it all in two days. Should I be ashamed? Does anyone else share in my guilty pleasure?

In case you haven’t heard of it, “Sunset Tan” is a reality show that goes behind-the-scenes of a few West Coast tanning salons. Even though the show may or may not be fake, I think it lends an interesting glimpse into Hollywood “reality”… the irony being that a so-called reality show is portraying an environment and people that are already fake. I am amazed at how plastic and fake Shauna Sands Lamos looked, and am saddened at the idea of so many parents tanning their young children for photos (fake tan or not).

I do have a few complaints, such as:

The dead guy who later turned out not to be dead. This alone, not to mention the Olly Girls reaction, shows that a large portion, if not all, of this “reality” show is staged.

The fact that a significant percentage of the cast have been in other reality shows, or on Howard Stern, or have posed nude in Playboy or on the internet. This lends more evidence to the idea that this show was “cast” instead of being a true reality show that takes place in a tanning salon.

YES, you should be ashamed. I would never watch such twits as Holly and Molly prancing around like ditzy broads, and don’t even get me started on Devin and Jeff. Do you really think Nick is straight? I mean, really… oh… umm… errrr… I MAY have watched a part of an episode …once. <ahem>