Anybody watch the F1 race in Singapore under the lights?

I thought it was very, very cool to see the cars running at night. You could see a lot of detail on the cars not visible during the day, as well as the exhaust flames out the chimneys at times. Too bad almost everyone has wheel covers these days, because seeing the brakes glow red (or white, brakes get hot on that track) would have been neat.

The race itself was pretty good, nice to see a new winner every once in a while. And poor Massa. Ferrari’s mechanics looked like a troupe of Minardi goons, although they did recover pretty well for Kimi, stacked behind. It must be heart breaking to drive down the pit lane with 12 foot of fuel hose trailing behind.

I’d like to see more night races in the future, maybe 2 or 3 per season.

I had to work and missed the race but it sounds really cool, I love the idea. Hopefully I’ll catch a rerun; sounds like it was an impressive performance for Alonso starting from 15th or so on the grid.

I noticed Ferrari used the lollipop for Raikonnen’s last pit stop. I think we have seen the last of the automatic system.

The race was only exciting because of mistakes and a safety car. I prefer races where superior driving wins the day. I have no problem with night races but I hope they don’t include any more boring processional street races.

Any race where Hamilton gets stuck behind DC (I love DC) doesn’t have enough overtaking spots.

I didn’t notice that, but makes sense. I’d kind of wondered about the automated light system before; seemed to be fixing a problem nobody really had.

The race certainly looked better than any I’ve seen before – many of the cars, especially the Ferraris, really pop under the lights, and you get to see things you don’t see too often, like flames out the exhaust.

Bernie has expressed his desire to have more night races in future seasons – he specifically mentioned Japan as a possible nighttime venue, and I believe the Abu Dhabi race will also be a nighttime affair. Bernie, of course, almost always gets his way :wink: so we should see more night races in the future.

Yeah, it was pretty (in particular I liked the in-car camera shots where you occasionally got to see the drivers’ faces through the visors). But the circuit was a bit anaemic. Granted, street circuits will always represent a compromise, but there were too many places where they’d had to put traffic calming features in to ensure that dangerous bits of track weren’t contested. And if there are two words that don’t belong in F1, it’s “traffic” and “calming”.

All in favour of more night races, though. But then I think they should artificially water the track for shit circuits like Hungary. :slight_smile:

(Or release mink at the half-way point.)

The Ferrari system has caused problems at least once before this season, releasing a driver before the team is ready. It appears that the system has too little safeguard against false positives. The other problem is that there does not seem to be any way of the system detecting cars coming down the pit straight. The lollipop man can act as last check to ensure the pit straight is clear; but the Ferrari system does not use one.

I guess they got what they deserved. They had a problem, they didn’t take warning, and it’s flared up again and bit them in the backside. Serves them right.

Yeah, that was the “Inaugural Singapore Evening Parade”. My thoughts on night racing is, “Whats the point?”, but I know what the point is. Money. Pretty much the bottom line to most everything, especially in Formula One. Living on the West Coast, those Asian races worked out at a good time for me on the normal schedual. Eh, whatever.

That track needs serious work, if you ask me. Too many ridiculously tight sections and too bumpy. Pit-in and out need work, too. Not enough cranes to pull Piquet and Nakajima off the track when they hit the wall. But maybe those problems will solve themselves next season. :wink:

Any race with Hamilton stuck behind DC is a good one, in my book! :smiley:

The cars looked okay under the lights, but they don’t look anything like they do in person. The colors are “made for TV”. For example, the Ferrari is nearly Flourescent Orange/Red in “real life”. Kinda weird.