Anybody watch the "long banned" John Ford December 7th movie on TCM?

Wow. That was poor. The first half, I won’t even bother with. A product of its time and circumstance, to be sure. But the editing and the photography were horrible, even by 1943 standards. Banned for being a threat to moral? Should have been destroyed for being a pile of suck!

However, it did have a memorable line: A Navy chaplain is talking to some sailors and is making suggestions for upcoming Christmas gifts for the family. I swear, I think he says, " Get you Mother a Bukkake Lei…"

Just what mom wants! :smiley:

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Banned by who? Never nobody ever says. The implication is the government banned it, which is questionable at best, and likely a simple lie.

The film is available on YouTube.

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The film is available on YouTube.


Don’t waste your time. Trust me.

IIRC, parts of it were censored at the time.

And like most stuff that’s labeled “confidential” or “secret”, it isn’t that interesting.

A “pikake” lei? Pikake is the Hawaiian word for a type of jasmine.