Anybody watching Copper? (BBC)

I happened across this on Netflix today, I went ahead and stuck it in my queue but haven’t watched it yet. (It’s a BBC series.)

Anybody else watching? What did you think?

I tried when it first came out, but I bailed. I can’t exactly remember why. I love that period and generally like those costume dramas. Maybe after you watch a few you’ll be able to tell me why I gave up.

Same here, I watched the first four or five episodes, then quit. Just too cliched and artless for me, like a rote imitation of a what a quality period drama looks like, without the thought or meaning.

Yeah, the same for me.

Instead, I really liked Ripper Street, which was put together along roughly the same lines but was different and interesting. I’m really looking forward to the next season.

I watched all of Season 1 and liked it well enough. There are some pretty significant plot twists in the later episodes.

I watched the first few, but what was missing was a real sense of place. We get a few drawing rooms, and some crappy lodgings, and an outside that seems to be one location with hundreds of wretched extras milling about. Plus everything was so brown and faded, as if the sets were based on faded photos, not what the place would have looked like fresh and in color. Disappointing.

Craptastic. Ripper is far and away better, even if you can’t understand half of what anyone but the protagonist is saying.

I honestly though Copper was going to be about a 1860s New York cop. Who knew is would be about a dude with modern sensibilities who wandered into a movie set for a costume drama?

Oh yeah, and one where they were using sepia-tone film, ala what Voyager sez.

That’s why God invented closed captioning.

yes, true, but it’s the only bad thing about the show, IMHO.

Watched the first season. Dunno why I didn’t quite, as I really didn’t like it much, particularly disliked the world’s littlest whore. Probably won’t be watching season 2.

Haven’t watched the whole season yet. Still got the last few episodes on the DVR to watch.

I take most of the points of the other posters who are shooting it down, and would broadly agree with most of it, but in spite of that I still enjoyed it. It’s certainly not the pinnacle of TV or anything but I wasn’t left with a feeling of having wasted an hour of my life I wasn’t getting back or anything.

I liked it. Sure, it could be a little drab and depressing at times, but I kept coming back for more. Tom Weston-Jones has pretty good charisma in the lead role, and I enjoyed all of the Civil War stuff. I can think of one fairly good-looking character who didn’t make it as far as I would have preferred, but in a show like this, you certainly can’t expect to avoid a body count.

Didn’t care for it, watched it all way through, found it a little self-indulgent.

Yea, Ripper Street took almost the exact same premise (even the opening credits are really similar) but did it a lot better.

That young actress does kinda give me the heebee jeebees with how thoroughly convincing she is in an undeniably creepy role.

Yea, I thought she was the only interesting part of the show.

Yes, and what is interesting, altho the Inspector is trying “Sherlockian” methods, including forensics and stuff, he still has his sergeant just beat it out of some “usual suspect”, which was the standard for police work back then. “Copper” is too PC and noble:rolleyes: for that sort of real police work.

But will cut a ho when he has too. Quite literally. It’s kind of an odd dichotomy.

Same here. That pretty much sums it up.

Just finished watching the series. I guess I’m easy because I’m hooked.