Anybody watching "Rollergirls"?

My wife and I enjoy this A&E program about the women who participate in an Austin TX rollerderby league, and am wondering if anyone else finds it interesting.

The rollerderby sport isn’t really the main point of this series; it’s more about how the women personally interact with each other while performing in this small-time performance passion. It’s also interesting to watch it as a sociological study of the middle-lower class’ ability to invent and manage a kind-of personal celebrity (I admit that last part sounds snobbish and condescending, and that is certainly not my intent; I just couldn’t think of a better way to express the thought).

So, does anyone else watch, and if so, what are your feelings about the show?

I have caught a couple of episodes. While I don’t consider it “Must Watch” TV, it’s not bad. I concur with your analysis.

I disagree–it’s about ridiculously hot women in slutty outfits beating the hell out of each other.

I’m hooked.