Anyone alse here follow JEKYLL on BBC?

Steven Moffat has suddenly risen to stratospheric heights as a television writer, IMO. With his great work on Doctor Who and all of this great series, here’s someone who truly understand how to tell a story for the small screen.

I love the show, the acting is good, though perhaps Nesbit chews the scenery as Hyde a bit too much. And he’s a bit on the old side toopull off Hyde, so the make-up is a bit distracting.
But for that minor flaw, it’s very inspired. To think they could breath life into that old story…

I do, and I enjoy it a lot. Even if there is some serious scenery-chewing going on at times. But I have adored James Nesbitt ever since Cold Feet, for all I care, he can chew on anything he likes. I was wondering how much make-up they use to make him look Hyde-ish, because he looks so completely different, even if there’s not that much obvious visual difference.

I also liked the Steven Moffat-written Doctor Who episodes a lot (he seems to know what buttons to push to frighten me: “Are you my Mummy???” squeak / “angel statue moves - NOT” doublesqueak).