Anyone been to Chile / Easter Island...?

We’re heading off there fairly soon; big trip coming up in April/May.

Was wondering if anyone had any stories to share, or tips and recommendations for things to see/do/avoid? We have about 5 nights in Santiago (2 at start, 3 at finish) with a 6 night stay on Easter Island, 5-6 nights in or about San Pedro de Atacama and the desert and we plan to enjoy a few other misc. nights swanning about (by bus) between the north and Santiago, places like La Serena possibly. Just over 3 weeks in total to experience a little bit of quality Chile action.

It’s all in aid of a rather big birthday the missus is about to endure (30-10), and she wants to be as far from our ‘real’ life (in the UK) as possible, hence the ‘waking up on that day on Easter Island’ requirement.

Any top tips & traveller’s tales will be very welcome! Cheers.

I went to Easter Island in 2007. It was a great trip. I was there for four nights. With six nights, you should be able to see just about everything on the island.

Are you planning to take tours in conjunction with your lodging? Hiring a car?

Food is expensive and there isn’t a vast array of restaurant options, but other than that it is an amazing place.