Anyone been to Istanbul?

I love the city’s skyline, it’s like Asia and Europe, modernity and antiquity, all slammed together.

I’m sure there’ll be a thread on this soon enough, but word is coming in of a Brussels-style terrorist attack at Istanbul’s airport. At least 28 dead and 60 injured with both counts expected to rise. The following cite is from the Daily Mail but it’s the most comprehensive I’ve seen thus far. Fairly graphic but not gruesome pics included. Prob NSFW.


Yup, madmonk28 and Don Draper and Little_Pig have mentioned that. Like the Brussels attack, it seems to have been a suicide bombing.


Oh, crap…! :frowning:


I lived in Istanbul for a few years and no one has suggested anything wrong. I would go with either hopping a ferry back and forth across the Bosphorus for a restful overview or going to Aya Sofia if you want to visit one location. Unfortunately, between security (even in normal times) and Istanbul crowds you will probably not have time to go anywhere. The M1 subway or subway & T1 tram will get you to the old part of the city where everything is within walking distance.

They are literally across each other. You can go to both (and most tours do). The problem with Haiga Sophia is that ot seems to perpetually undergoing repairs and renovations.

Fun fact, the Dome of the Rock was based on Haiga Sophia.

Dude–architect Sinan’s entire career was based on Hagia Sophia! In particular, compare Sultanahmet (the “Blue Mosque”) with Ayasofya. Sinan saw something unique and wonderful in the old church and worked for his whole life developing that idea to the fullest extent possible. Sultanahmet (the “Blue Mosque”) is the ultimate masterpiece of that quest and the reason Sinan is like the most renowned name in architecture next to Frank Lloyd Wright.

Last fall we had a day in Istanbul, prior to sailing away on a cruise. We got on to a walking tour that started in the Hippodrome, went through Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, broke for lunch, sprinted through the Grand Bazaar, and then toured the Blue Mosque.

It’s a fantastic city, and there is so much to see. But we felt we got a nice taste in a short amount of time.

Check Constantinople.

OP, I hope you have a way to reschedule your trip.

I was there exactly a year ago- and my how things have changed in that time!

I would go to the Hagia Sophia, The Blue Mosque, The Hippodrome, and the Museum right across the Hippodrome (Culture/Arts). 1 hr, 20 minutes, 20 minutes, 1 hr. If you have time, walk down the main street to the Grand Bazaar (briefly) and then head to the Spice Market (more interesting, I found), There are two other very spectacular Mosques along the way that are worth peaking into.

Quick day, but get some highlights in a short period! Taxi back to the airport is quick- although public transportation on the subway won’t take long at all.

TMBJ??? (They Might Be Jedi?)

While there I visited Rumeli Hisar castle (and museum) about 5 miles north, on the Bosporus (See Google Maps link). Worthwhile if you have to layover. I also visited the sights mentioned above including a ferry trip between Europe & Asia. If you’re into suspension bridges there are two across the Strait that were not there during my two visits in 1965 & 1966.

Given the recent events, I’m guessing rescheduling will not be a problem.