Anyone brave enough to do a Harry Potter movie marathon when the last one comes out on video?

Not all in one sitting, no, but my wife and I are planning to watch them all over a long weekend when we get the last one. We have all the others (just rewatched part 1 of DH in preparations of seeing the new one this weekend).


I’ve read all the books multiple times, but I’ve only seen the first three movies.
I think I’ll do one a day when the last one comes out.

I don;t think I could. I love the books, but most of the movies are just so-so. The first 2 movies are by far the best. Going into 3 I was expecting it to blow the first 2 away, but it was a let down. 4 was the worst. 5 and 6 were ok. 7 (counting parts 1 and 2 as one movie) was the best after the first 2.

I’d do it, you bet. I kind of do it now when marathons of Harry Potter or LOTR are shown on TV. I go about my business, do chores, and pay special attention when my favorite scenes are coming up.

We are getting the boxed set of directors cut when it gets released and probably doing it in a weekend - same when they finally release The Hobbit and combine it in a day with the 3 LOTR movies, we are waiting to get the directors cut boxed edition of the 4 when it is released.

As a joke we will probably organize the foods to match the movie series. I have been checking the different Harry Potter sites for recipe suggestions. I went online and hunted down a frog candy mold, another for ‘puking pastiles’ that I think will be swirled strange ugly colored white chocolate, not sure which recipe we are using for butterbeer yet, pumpkin pasties are going to be normal pumpkin pie filling in half moon pastry shape, stuff like that =) For LOTR we are going with lembas being shortbread, I have found a decent recipe for seedcakes, and am still working on the rest of the nibble menues for both marathons.

I will add that I was somewhat disappointed that at the Showcase De Lux they didn’t have any Harry Potter oriented foods or drinks on the menu =( It would have been very easy to make a butterscotch syrup based milkshake for butterbeer and something like the pumpkin pies that Mcdonalds does around thanksgiving … or chocolate frogs and Bertie Botts jellybeans…

If you want to eat like hobbits, the only problems will be the grocery bill and the time spent cooking. But you’ll be eating very, very well.

As someone who never read the books but saw all the movies as they were released I don’t think I’d be able to do this unless I watched with someone who could answer all my questions as they came up and I could ‘pause’ the movie for explanations. The movies don’t explain everything fully and it’s easy to get confused unless you’ve read the books or watched the movies repeatedly.
For instance until someone explained it to me I didn’t realize the shrieking shack was not a room inside the whomping willow.

I’ve read all the HP books and I’ve seen all the movies. I liked each of them, but to differing extents and for different reasons. I could get through a movie marathon, although if I had to see them all in a short time, I’d prefer it be over eight successive nights. I think my brain might turn to mush if I watched 16+ hours of film back to back to back.

There’s a local university sf marathon every year here. You pay $40 or so upfront, and the longer you stay, you get money back. If you stay for the whole thing, you end up paying nothing.