Anyone brave enough to do a Harry Potter movie marathon when the last one comes out on video?

I have done all day Star Wars Marathons (and plan to do another when the Blu Rays come out) and had intentions of doing the same for HP but then did the math and realized it would take around 20+ hours. Anyone crazy enough to do it?

Does anyone do this kind of thing besides me for Lord of the Rings or Star Wars or whatever? It is kind of fun or a weekend especially when the weather is bad and you all have seen whatever the movies in question are a bunch of times.

The true marathoners watch all 22 Bond movies in a single day

Knead2Know is sure to come around at some point and mention the prestige of being a member (the founder, even!) of the “24 Club”.

No, I doubt that I could sit through twenty hours of the Harry Potter movies. I do wonder what they’re going to charge for the box set of all eight movies.

Most impressive, considering that’s impossible :smiley:

I’d just like to see a version of Year Seven that includes the two parts (neither of which I’ve seen) edited together somehow. Probably hopeless, I know, but it seems like that should be the structure. The books vary in length, but each year is in its own binding, right?

Not if you watch them all at the same time.

I also use the international date line to my advantage

Mrs. Mahaloth and I will definitely be re-watching the whole series when it hits DVD, though probably 1-2 a week at most.

I used to go to a 24 Hour Sci-Fi Marathon and a 24 Hour Horror Marathon every year for a period of 10 years then started hosting my own versions over the past 15 or so years that went from 14 hours to maybe 10 now (we’re getting old). I have an extensive collection of trailers and shorts and I also gather new ones from the net and I program 40-50 minutes worth between films. I’ve also hosted Schlock/Drive-in thons (which now take the place of Sci-Fi) and a few specialty ones like Lord of The Rings and John Waters.

I wanted to do a HP thon, but I hadn’t done the math. Might have to do another Lord of the Rings extended Blu-ray before the Hobbit opens.

I might be up for it. I’ve not seen any of the films nor read any of the books.

If you start them all at the same time as Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon, then Nick Nack hangs himself.

A couple of theatres around here did the HP marathon over the span of two days last week.
They showed the first 4 films on Wednesday starting around noon and ran them back-to-back. Then the last 4 they showed back-to-back on Thursday with the last one being the midnight showing of Deathly Hallows 2.

i do a marathon when abc family has them, usually on sunday they start at 7ish and show 5 of them ending around midnight ish. then i watch hbp and dh1 on dvd.

abc does extended sorc. stone and chamber.

I did the HP movie marathon before I read the last book, just to catch up. It was a long full, fun weekend.

They had a marathon showing in a theater here last week.
Started on Wednesday morning 00:01 with movie one, and then at midnight the final movie started.
Ticket prices were pretty decent too. 35 dollars. Though I guess they will make a lot of money on snacks and food which were not included.

I’ve done the LOTR marathon in the theater, but this was just a bit too insane.

I might try this, when I have the complete set of DVDs

No. I did it at home with LOTR, the extended cuts even, but I liked those movie a lot more than I ever could HP (and I do like HP, don’t get me wrong).

The Lord of the Rings is also (snippets aside) one uninterrupted narrative. It makes more sense to watch it straight through. For all the depths of Middle-earth time, the main story takes place over the course of only about one year (and seems even less in the films’ compression). Whereas Potter explicitly and rather obviously spans several years.

I’d be curious on your thoughts. I think there is so much ground to cover, watching the movies only would only give the flavor of the series, wihthout really covering it properly. Let us know if you do this.

Oh, and the series gets really dark. The “whimsy” of the first two is not really accurate to the overall series. Don’t judge it to quickly. People die in most books.