Anyone buy a Yeti cooler?

They seem to be very well made but $400? Even the soft ones are $250.

I guess it’s just the latest status symbol.

I have a friend who has one. He received it as a gift. It looks nice, but it’s very heavy even empty, and despite the large price tag, there wasn’t much interior room. I’m not convinced it’s worth the price.

Yetis should not be removed from their Himalayan environs. A cheap cooler won’t be sufficient to make an animal comfortable that has evolved to live only in high altitude sub-zero temperatures.

They have very thick walls which is great for insulation but keeps the storage capacity down.

They are popular with certain well off fishermen/outdoorsmen.

The consensus is that they are very heavy and well insulated, but so are other cooler brands {that perform just as good}.

So, if you want status get a Yeti. Do keep in mind that they are frequently stolen…

So compared to capacity, they have a big footprint.

I bought a yetti after seeing my buddies. Typically it takes three plus days for the ice to melt in the cooler so whatever you put in there stays cold as long as its in there. I have the large one and I can store 80 lbs of ice in there for festivals or a quarter of a cow. My buddy just borrowed it for hunting season and get his hole deer in there. It’s by far the best cooler I’ve ever owned. Right now its 3 years old and still looks brand new.

If you can afford it its worth buying one but I’m not sure I’d need a set.

Not meaning to thread/zag, but I am coveting the Yeti tumbler. My friend has one. Says that there is still ice in it when the morning comes.

Seem to be popular, they are out of stock until the Spring.

Oooh, I would like one of these. I think it would be good to have in the car on hot days.

out of stock til spring? I guess the Chinese factories with 12 year olds are all booked up.

Holy Cow!
The cheapest one is more than my car payment or my rent.
It is good to see a product worthy of its fame.
Color me impressed.
No I don’t have one…(Hint… Thanks for the Christmas present).

What good is a status symbol if it’s not hard to get?
Seriously, I could see the value in buying one of the coolers if I was still doing a lot of kayaking trips. The downside would be leaving one unattended in a vehicle or at a campsite. Vehicle breakins and theft are always a concern when you are out in the middle of nowhere.

Both Cabela’s and Sheel’s have these in stock here

The out of stock item is the 20 oz tumbler.

Not the coolers.

Sorry for the hijack.

I vowed I would never buy anything that has Yeti, Snap-on, or Festool on it unless: 1) I am in business and can write it off on income tax or, 2) I find it cheap at a yard sale.
I do not argue they are not quality products. They are. But I will not reward companies for products that are stupidly overpriced, especially the Yeti products. They are not THAT great. My daughter gave me a 30oz Yeti tumbler for my birthday. It keeps drinks cold or hot, but not much difference than a Turvis cup.
Just my opinion

I made the mistake of clicking harmonicamoon’s link.

There was a pop-up:

Join The Yeti Nation!

there is not a roll-eye emoji large enough for that one.


We were just talking about this at work. While one guy covets the cooler (he has a mug that he raves about every day), we all said that a $500 cooler would have to be permanently chained to your boat or pickup, so it kind of detracted from wanting to own one. I mean, you’re supposed to chill out when you’re fishing, not worried about someone making off with your shit.

I dispute the existence of the Yeti cooler.

Not a Yeti, but a Pelican, which is another high end cooler. I fish a lot and while I love my old 35$ coleman cooler, the Pelican holds good ice 3 days longer. The difference is actually huge. For some people and uses that’s worth paying for.

I have heard that the proper way to use Model 110 is to ice it down with Silver Bullet.