Anyone else able to create a roaring in their ears/head?

Here’s what I know:

  1. For whatever reason, it’s impossible to breathe while doing this.

  2. it’s much easier to do it with your eyes closed.

  3. I’m pretty sure the roar isn’t blood because I can’t hear a heartbeat or any real change in the sound.

  4. Finally, whatever I’m doing makes my closed eyes vibrate.

I suspect what is happening is somehow I’m making my sinuses expand while my throat is closed.

Sorry if I sound insane.

Heh! Yes! I’ve done this all my life. I just “clench” some muscles in my head, close to the jaw-hinge, and there is a rushing/roaring sound.

I’ve always figured it had something to do with the eustachian tubes.

  1. I can breathe while doing it just fine.
  2. My eyes seem uninvolved.
  3. Agreed.
  4. Not for me; as with 2), my eyes don’t seem to play any part at all.

Tensor Tympani muscle

Yes I can, I can still breathe while doing it, and my eyes are uninvolved.

I can also wiggle my nostrils individually. :smiley:

I can do it. My eyes kinda vibrate too. It also makes me yawn sometimes.

I’ve always done it, and I’ve called it “thundering.” With me, the left side is a little louder than the right. And it’s independent of eyes, breathing, etc.

I can blow air through my eustachean tubes, which makes a roaring sound. That’s all I’ve got.

Back when I used to play the trumpet, my eustachian tubes would sometimes inflate suddenly. I could also blow air out through the inner corners of my eyes!

(Yes, my head is hollow…)

USCDiver: thanks! That’s stuff I never knew!

I can get it where the eyes aren’t involved but absolutely cannot breath out or in. Weird.

I also have never had a brain freeze. I may not be put together right.

I don’t know why you can’t do it while breathing. I’ll admit it’s harder to switch directions while doing it (breathing out to in or vice versa), but it took just a couple tries to do it.

This roaring is also how I “unpop” my ears. So I always thought I was vibrating the muscle that keeps the Eustachian tubes open.

The “ice cream headache?” Lucky! I hope you never do! It’s extremely painful! I first discovered the effect while slurping my first Slurpee. It took me decades to try another one!

I can make my ears roar too. I can also make them roar when I blink so it’s like I can hear myself blink.

Yeah. Sometimes I play “music” with the sound. I can’t change the pitch or anything but I can keep a beat going pretty well, so it’s easy to imagine actual notes.

I can only do it for about 10 seconds continuously before having to relax to reset it.

I thought I was the only freak who does this. I never knew how to even describe it.

I can roll my tongue into a tube, I can turn my tongue upside down, wiggle my ears, and cross my eyes.

Why couldn’t I have useful unusual traits?

Sure. It seems to involve putting pressure on the upper palate as well as clenching muscles, though.