Anyone else amused by the "facts" on the Music Choice cable stations?

Don’t get me wrong, 50 channels of choice music, commercial free, and not the same shit over and over (I actually hear songs on the 70’s channel I don’t remember the first time around) is a godsend, but who in the hell writes the cornball shit that accomapnies them? They are a source of amusement to be sure, but I feel bad for people who believe them not knowing any better. Just yesterday I saw these two gems:

The Village People’s first album Macho Man, was released in 1978- I couldn’t give two shits about the Village People, but even I know they had an eponymous album released before that in 1977 or so.

“Artist Fact”- Clay Aiken has one of the best voices in the world today or some such fanboy drivel- whether you believe that or not, how can an opinion like this be considered a “fact”?

You missed the funniest ones of all:

It appears that the information that Music Choice uses comes from some central source. This source has information on many musicians, but not all (especially in such fields as musical theatre). In order to cover this, the people at Music Choice put up tons of facts not germane to the artist or the song, giving away the lacuna.

Well technically, the first “Village People” album was recorded by studio musicians as opposed to the people who would later become the group so from that perspective the fact is correct.