Anyone else excited about Dads coming this fall on Fox?

Gotta say, I’m love’n all the players here. YT link

There’s no way this show can NOT be funny!

Martin Mull, Peter Riegert and Seth Green? High hopes for this one.

All I can go off of is the pervasive ads and mini-previews for the show that inundate you on Fox (like the one linked in the OP) and I haven’t found one even remotely humorous. I got the same exact vibe from the painfully bad (but still popular in some quarters) 2 Broke Girls, so I think this will be strictly YMMV.

Sorry - that preview makes it look absolutely dreadful. The fact that it has a studio audience/laugh track doesn’t bode well, either, IMO.

Dads Coming? Is that a reality show or something? Because at this point, I’d believe anything.

Ha! I just realized that. That’s one hell of a typo there.

The previews make it look pretty bad. The asian girl is hot though, so that is a plus. But not enough to watch a show.

If the ads are featuring the best bits from the show – which they should be – the whole thing looks about as funny as paint drying.


The cast isn’t bad but the previews are awful.

Dammit guys, like what I like!..

I like the actors but I don’t like Seth MacFarlane, so what am I supposed to do?