Anyone else have Rhinitis?

I went to an Ear, Nose and Throat doctor a few days ago and he diagnosed me as having chronic rhinitis. My nose is often runny for no reason or its very sensitive to the cold and other things. It also causes some ear pressure that’s very annoying. So he gave me this nasal spray to use twice a day. I am wondering-how long do i have to take this stuff? For the rest of my life? Or do i get to cut back on the dosage after a while? He said it takes a few weeks to work, but he was kind of vague on certain questions.

He says it is very common so there should a few people who can tell me. I am curious about your particular details. I know this is not a big deal, but this is the first time I have ever been diagnosed with anything.

I have it. Probably something like a quarter of the people here have it, but don’t remember the term.

I think it’s typically “allergic rhinitis”, meaning that allergens bother your nose (a less impressive description).

I use a steroid spray, have for years. It pretty much fixes it - but only as long as I keep using it. However I don’t think there are big reasons not to keep using it.

I don’t think there are big reasons not to keep using it.**

That’s true. Even though the spray is a steroid, it’s topical. Using it is equivalent to putting cortizone cream on your skin, pretty harmless. (I mention this only in case someone comes along and brings up the possibility of problems with long-term steroid use.)

Have it, have had it for many years, to the point where the membranes in my nasal cavity will actually swell one side or the other shut. I have been using the topical steroidal sprays for about 5 years now. No problems, except occasional light nosebleed. I find it most effective after a shower, and if you can stand it(it took me awhile but really does seem to help) try doing a nasal lavage in the shower. Teaspon of regular old sodium chloride in about 1000 mls of water to make a normal saline solution, use one of those earwax removal syringes, insert and slowly squirt(advice came from my GP)YMMV.

My rhinitis is not that bad, labmonkey, but thanks for the info.

My condition is non-allergic rhinitis. My nose is runny all year round and it doesn’t seem to have any real pattern, though colder/drier air is almost a guarantee my nose will get runny.

One quick question: i have noticed that my nose has a tendancy to look somewhat red and puffy alot of times-it’s not bad but i’m wondering if this kind of goes away after a while.

thanks for the info though