Anyone else have TiVo?

We just got ours working today :slight_smile: $350 for the box and an extra hard drive, and we have a handy dandy 90+ hour TiVo box! (TiVo’s official stance is they don’t mind people upgrading their own hardware, but it does void the warranty)

The original box was 14 hours, but an extra hard drive and some instructions found on the internet put us up to 91 and something hours. Woohoo!

Anyway, we’ve been playing with this sucker all day long. It seems way cool. Very way. Very cool. Very way cool.

ANyone else have one? Opinions?

I’ve got one, Opal. I like it, since my schedule doesn’t seem to match up with the cable company’s very often. I only watch TV while I’m working out, and there’s never anything good on at the time–the few shows I like either start before I get home, or run later than I want to stay up on a weeknight. I also love being able to skip obnoxious commercials.

Then, of course, there’s the satisfaction of tinkering with it. I’m too much of a techie not to like consumer hardware that I can customize.

Do you have to subscribe to a service to use one of these things?

It’s $10/month, or you can buy a lifetime service for $200.
I just got Direct TV hooked up at the house, and I seriously looked at getting the DTV/Tivo combo. But I didn’t, for the main reason that Opal pointed out – I didn’t think that the HD in the original was very big. Opal, can you point me to where you learned about memory upgrades?

I don’t watch TV that much. Having said that, we have some friends that got one and I do have to say, the thing is sweet! They did the upgrade on their memory too. We watched “Wonder Woman” while we were over there. It was SO cheesy, it was good!

No, but I have a friend who is effusive about very little in life. On Tivo, however, she can wax hyperbolic. She thinks it’s the greatest thing since sliced–er, wait, this isn’t the cliche thread I just posted to…sorry.

I didn’t get a TiVO, I went with ReplayTV (Panasonic’s version). In general I’m pleased with it, especially the theme-based recording that guarantees every episode of a specific show (i.e The Simpsons) whenever its on. However, I do have some gripes with it. One is that it blue-screens any incoming Macrovision signal, meaning that you can’t pass-thru a DVD signal or a VCR with most store bought movies. I can understand not being able to record that signal, but not being able to even SEE it is retarded (couple that with the fact that you can’t hook a gaming system into it because of the time delay and you find that all of your inputs on it are useless). Another is that it sometimes recognizes a weak signal as Macrovision, once again giving you the blue screen. Another is that you can’t alter record times for theme recording, so if your show will be on late due to a game going into extra innings, you have to record it manually. In addition, “30 hours” is only 30 hours on low quality setting- useful for talk shows and sitcoms, useless for anything with lots of action as it soon becomes a pixelly mess. Lastly, my ReplayTV just died on me. Panasonic was very good in shipping a replacement unit to me with a credit card to secure it til they get mine back, all shipping covered on their part.

But overall, I do like it. I actually watch less TV now then I did before because I can record the shows I like and watch em anytime instead of constantly browsing and hoping that something good is on. Pausing live TV is awesome. The channel guide is easy to use and recording is very easy.

P.S.- Question for TiVo owners- Does it blank out the screen when you try to view Macrovision encoded material (i.e. DVDs) through it?

I gave up on Tivo during the introductory period. It seemed impossible to control taping and simultaneous viewing, which is the only way I like to use recording.

Seems a lot like from Microsoft. looks similar, except that it only works with DirecTV

View a show while taping it? If its like ReplayTV, you should be able to do that. If you want to watch something else, just get a splitter to send onme signal to TiVo, another directly to the TV.

You can watch anything you’ve previously recorded while it’s recording something else. You just need to get used to watching things other than teh times they are on. Which is quite easy… we’re already spoiled.

The Sony one can record TWO shows while you watch a third. It got the home theater nuts/early adopters I work with shaking their heads and asking what else can be invented. When THESE guys start talking like they are satisfied then you’ve got a serious winner on your hands.