Anyone else have TMJ that creates ear pain?

It took years for me to make the connection between TMJ and the piercing agony in my ear, but I finally did and had it confirmed by both a dentist and an ear, nose, throat doc. The pain int he center of my ear radiates from the hinge of my jaw.

I was wondering if this is just my own special freakitude, or if anyone else can relate?

I used to get it pretty frequently. It still pops (heh) up once in awhile, and I agree, it’s a killer.

Do you wear a retainer at night? I’ve found that if I skip a night or two, I’m more likely to get pain.

I’ve didn’t realize anyone with TMJ disorder did not have ear pain. I thought that was part of it.

My TMJ is more about my Jaw being misaligned than anything, and isn’t a big deal as long as I don’t open my jaw really wide or chew anything too chewy for too long. My night bruxism seems to have mostly gone away. Which is good, as my retainer would in no way fit, and I can’t afford a new one.

Yes, to the point that I thought the last ear infection I had was TMJ pain. It was only when my ear kept hurting that I realized it was in fact my ear and not just joint point.

I do, but it’s infrequent. More often I have godawful headaches around my right temple or the top right of my head.

That’s how I got diagnosed with TMJ. I was 15 and had chronic ear pain, but we couldn’t find a reason for it. No ear infections, no growths, etc. So TMJ.

A link for people who don’t know WTF TMJ is(like me).

Nope, I get it too. I thought I had an ear infection a few years ago. Went to the doctor. He didn’t see anything and was puzzled, so he sent me to an ENT. Took the ENT thirty seconds to diagnose it as a TMJ problem.

I knew I had TMJ, but it hadn’t occurred to me that the ear pain was connected.

I actually did have an ear infection last year and for awhile I was convinced it was my TMJ. (Although it was in the wrong ear.) It was only when the pain became so intense I was ready to tear my ear off that I went to the doctor.

I spent most of my childhood on useless antibiotics and even had my tonsils out in a vain attempt to cure my persistent earaches. Turns out they were caused by TMJ. Once I started getting that dealt with, the earaches stopped!

So, no you aren’t a special freak, unless I’m one too! :slight_smile:

I go through bouts of “is it my ear or is it my jaw?” about twice a year, since I have both TMJD and a history of ear infections. One out of every 4 times or so, I get myself to a doctor only to be told “no, sorry, it’s not the thing you came here about.”

I think my brother went through all sorts of medical hell then had teeth removed before he got the TMJ diagnosis.

Sure. I also have Meniere’s Disease and get terrible neck aches, and I think all of that is related (TMJ, Meniere’s, neck stuff). This is all on the left side of my body. I need a complete re-alignment.