Anyone else having a craptacular day?

Bleagh. Not having a good day so far. Yesterday afternoon I went to an Indian culture play-thingie with the boy and his family and ate dinner there, got home and screwed around for a long time, completely neglecting to study for my microbiology exam. It’s stuff I already knew, so I just glanced over everything. I slept at the boy’s, woke up this morning and…

FUCK! 8:00! My orgo lab already started! Wake up. Didn’t you set the alarm, honey? Damn, you forgot. That’s cool. Throw my clothes on, grab a banana from his counter, troop outside in the freezing rain (damn, didn’t bring my bike last night). Luckily, get to lab just as things are getting started (weren’t they doing anything productive for the last twenty minutes???). Proceed with lab. Do everything right but totally fuck up last step. No crystals are forming in my flask. I DID EVERYTHING RIGHT FOR THREE HOURS AND I MAKE ONE LITTLE MISTAKE AT THE END AND I’M OUT OF LUCK? Shove flask in my drawer in some ice, hoping that some crystals will form in the next week. Praying my TA won’t notice I didn’t hand in a lab report, and that just in case my crystals don’t form, the dude will have some extra on hand next week, because we’re going to be using those same crystals for the next few labs. It’s 11:10. Exam starts in twenty minutes.
Icy winds outside. Friggin’ weather, it’s SEPTEMBER, not JANUARY, is that clear?! Get into exam room. Glance over notes once more. OK, think I’m gonna do all right. Get test.


It’s not over all the broad, general stuff that you’ll actually NEED for a successful microbiology career someday, it’s petty, stupid, ultra-specific shit you’d only have remembered if you started studying at 12:20 last Friday and didn’t eat or sleep all weekend. I plow through as best I can. You expect me to remember which of the kingdom number proposals was based on rRNA sequence phylogeny? As best as I can recall, you didn’t even mention that in class! Seriously, I’ve been to every single class and I can’t recall ever hearing those words. Damn professor. If you weren’t so nice I’d walk up and bean you over the head with a scanning electron microscope. (Which, by the way, uses a thin film of gold to scan samples. I got that one right by a lucky guess. Doesn’t that feel fucking awesome?!)

I MAYBE got a 70%. If I got lucky. And this was over the shit I already knew.

Oh, and my ankle hurts because yesterday my heel came loose from the sole of my shoe and I walked for 30-odd minutes with that shoe off and that foot on tippy-toe because the heels of that pair of shoes are about 3 inches high.

Plus I have to pee. Haven’t done that yet today.

Hoping this day will go better from now on,

  • tsarina. :smiley:

Oy, you poor thing.

Me? I had 30-something emails from the the 4 day weekend I took last week, I’ve a pile of articles to edit (boooooo-ring!), and a journal article to review and edit for a faculty member.

Not to mention the fact that I haven’t even started working on the pictures for the newsletter yet and my arm/shoulder hurts horrible bad from too much mouse time.

gee, I wonder if the shoulder thing is an epidemic? My left shoulder went bad last night - while I was brushing my teeth, of all times! I don’t know what I did, but it feels as if something sharp and pointy is wedged under my left shoulder blade. Sleeping was torture. So I’m achy and tired.

Not as crappy as your day, but not what I needed on a Monday.

I want pity. And chocolate.

I had 276 e-mails awaiting me this morning. :eek:

Well, I know at least one of them was from me! :smiley:

I’ve been falling asleep at work all day, after having to meet the bail bond rep and waiting at the county jail for two hours last night to bail a friend out. I’m going home for a nap.

Crap. I just noticed a scratch right in the middle of my glasses. Deep one, too. Damn.

:slight_smile: Yea, one of the very few enjoyable ones.

And at least you know why I haven’t responded yet…

Had to go to bed last night with no friendly faces in the house for the first time in over a week and nothing to look forward to for a month. Still no job. No possibility of job. Interviews rescheduled until next week. Roommate decided last night to move out so that he could live in a commune. :rolleyes: Rent due. No money. Tired. Sick. Hungry. Lonely.

On the plus side, I found three CD-ROMS stuffed full of music that Anthony brought to me the very first time he visited. Hadn’t even thought of them in months, but here they are. I have hours and hours and hours of music now.

However, it is still an incredibly shitty day.

Life hasn’t been a barrel of laughs for me lately, either.

Woke up this morning having slept through the alarm. That’s rare, since the alarm I use vibrates the pillow, and is intended to bounce my head around a bit in order to wake me up. I had to rush through the morning, and was late to work.

I’ve had a pounding headache all day. Ibuprofen doesn’t help.

Last week I was supposed to be on vacation. Grandparents, uncle, and a cousin were due to fly up from Florida on the 14th. Because of the recent atrocities, they canceled the trip. My grandmother is now too scared to get on a plane. :frowning: I canceled my vacation, which I had been looking forward to for ages, since I haven’t had any vacation time since before New Year’s.

My current job’s contract runs through the end of the year. There is no guarantee that it will be made permanent. The economy now means that the number of job openings in my field (audiology) are not as robust as they were last year. I’ve been looking since freaking January, and no one even bothers to respond to my inquiries. What a turnaround from a year ago, when I got rapid responses to any inquiry I made anywhere about a job. It doesn’t help that my particular area of interest is in pediatric audiology, and jobs in that field are even harder to find. There is a very tempting job listing in Minneapolis/St. Paul, but the only thing keeping me from dashing off a resume there is the thought of the cold winters there. :frowning:

Because my vacation was canceled at the last minute, my work scheduled was totally FUBAR’ed. To keep me busy, I’ve been assigned to various administrative projects that are about as exciting and interesting as watching the grass grow. My schedule will return to normal eventually, but until then…ARRRGGGHHH.

Well, had one patient with metastatic renal cancer, who wants me to prescribe a suicide pill. I told her she’d have to work with the hospice people first. She doesn’t want to do that.

My daugher, who has Cystic Fibrosis, has another respiratory infection. She’s been sleeping most of the day.

I’m meeting with my own cardiologist soon to review my latest cardiac scans, and see if the latest pics were just done with better equipment so showed old damage that was previously known to be there, or if I had a silent heart attack sometime within the last 18 months.

Anybody want to trade?

I just need to crawl into a hole and hide for the rest of the day.

Rainy day=frizzy hair. That’s the first bad part.

I get to work, and things go downhill from here.

Stupid idiot boy and I are working for a project for the boss lady. He has an appointment, leaves at 11:30 for lunch. Before he leaves, it was “you keep working on this, then I’ll work on it when I get back so we can have it done today.”

I work on it, leave for lunch 1/2 an hour later. I come back, and he’s been sitting there playing on the internet since he came back(I know he was-he told me he hadn’t even read what I’d written yet.)]

Then, the aftenoon meeting with the boss(as opposed to the morning meeting with the boss). Goes horribly. Ends with “lets get these e-mails out today”. Sure, no problem-we can pop them out in about 5 minutes, and there won’t be any stress. Idiot boy: "Let’s finish this other part before we send them out. "

This is Monday, I have a standing appointment from 7-9. The department knows about this. It takes most of an hour to get home, I have to eat before the appointment, so I must leave by 4:30.

Screw him. I left. We can either finish it in the morning, or he can do it before he leaves tonight.

Now I’m in a horrid mood.

No, but I will tomorrow.

Why tomorrow, you ask?

Because I’ve eaten a lot (half a pound?) of sunflower seeds, shells and all. Tomorrow, as it follows the natural path and says goodbye to me, I will realize again why eating shrapnel is a bad idea. A very craptacular incident will result.

Yet, for some inexplicable reason, I’m still snacking on sunflower seeds, happily crunching the shells.

I just wanted to say I love you all and everything going to get better :slight_smile:
I’m here for hugs if you need them…

Saturday I borrowed a friend’s racing bike. The tires on it are not meant to handle sandy paths. I go biking in the local state park, being careful not to hit any sand. Unfortunately, the pavement is about the same colour as the sand. I get to a semi-steep point and I don’t see any sand as I’m going downhill, but I brake a little anyway to slow me down… there was sand, and, to make things worse, it was in the point where a person would turn. I see it as I’m turning and the bike slides out from under me. Luckily there are tons of people picnicking nearby. I scraped my right knee [which already has some pretty ugly road rash scars on it] almost to the bone, and, to add insult to the injury, I forgot gloves, so now I look like I got very “dissatisfied with life” and missed… or like someone tried to crucify me but only got to my left palm.

Then I get to deal with the fun of going through a school day with VERY painful scrapes. I get bombarded several times, the pain does not go away with more advil than I normally take, and, to top it off, my eyes seem to be reacting to any kind of histamine within a 30 foot radius of me. After school the same person accidentally leaned on my knee twice in a five minute period, both times leaning on it for at least a minute before realizing why I was wimpering and wincing and bitching at her. Last time I got road rash this bad it took a month to heal… can someone just saw off my limbs already?

I’m supposed to be working towards an MD, but when I read stuff like this… well, I really wonder if I’m emotionally healthy enough. How do you deal with swimming in life’s shit every day? Any advice?

OP has given me awful university flashback. I was unbelievably bad at Organic Chemistry lab. I will probably never regret anything in my life as much as I regret not changing to Philosophy in the first week of the first year.

You think this is bad? It may be saying something about my life, but this sounds like something I’d be glad to do! :eek:

Well, except for the sore shoulder.