Anyone else having a sleep study today?

As opposed to an “ask the” thread :).

Spent last night wired 40 different ways for a regular study, and today I’m doing the daytime Multiple Sleep Latency Test to see if it gives some sign of why I’m tired all the time DESPITE having several sleep issues (apnea, RLS) adequately treated. The plus side: I’m only wired 20 different ways and don’t have to wear my CPAP for the daytime portion.

The room comes equipped with all the essentials including a video camera, speaker system, several different xPAP machines, and very uncomfortable bed (seriously. what is WITH these places?? I’ve had studies at 5 different places now and all of them have rock-hard beds).

Luckily they have wi-fi here (with a password that suggests someone got dump by a boyfriend just before setting it up!) so I can surf when I’m not trying to sleep.

Here’s hoping they find something!

The sleep study center at Fair Oaks Hospital has extremely comfortable beds.

In fact, I think the beds were too comfortable to get good data on me – I sank into the mattress, when the point of the study was to compare my right-side sleeping and my left-side sleeping.

Well, I mean, here’s hoping that they find a way to make you better

I spent the night at one on Monday night with my kid, who was fully wired. The sleep tech had the nerve to tell me that *I *was snoring. She lies.