Anyone else having major problems with hotmail right now?

I’ve been trying for hours just to get ON to the login page, let alone actually log in, and it won’t let me. I can get to any other site I want, including this board and the MSN home page, so it can’t be my connection. Of course no one is answering the damn support phone line. I know this will drop off the map real fast, but can someone check to see if they can log in, and let me know? You guys rock.

Love Ghani

Yep, I’m having the same problem. I get a page-not-found error when I try to go to or access it from . I was having a similar problem with MSN Messenger, but was finally able to get on a few minutes ago. My boyfriend, though, was able to get on Hotmail with no problem. sighs

Apparently Hotmail and Messenger were down for a few hours, but I managed to log-in about 1/2 hr ago.

Seems fine now.

Gee, don’t we just love MSN? insert longest string on curses and insults ever seen

I’ve been having the same problem all afternoon, and I checked with one of my other friends, he can’t get in either. On the upside, it isn’t just you. On the downside, you still can’t get into your e-mail.

sighs Ok, now it works.

The curses and insults still stand, however.

Thanks all. Glad to know it isn’t just me. Let’s turn this into a big MSN bitchfest OK? I’ll start.

I hate how when I log in they show me the number of messages from my contacts, but not the actual number of new messages in my inbox. I have to look in my inbox to see. So if it says I have no messages when I log in, I might have some, it just won’t tell me. snorts in disgust

your turn…

P.S. It’s still not working for me. GAH!


Mine’s been hit-or-miss all day. Mostly miss.


Mine has been miss all day, since about 8 AM Central. And I have a lot of mail that I need to answer, dammit!

I can’t get into my mail either. It’s about 4:30pm on the west cost of the US, so who’s taking bets it will be down all flippin’ weekend?

Come to think of it, I saw someone get a “page not found” error when trying to go to hotmail at school. This was about 3 PM Pacific Time.

I JUST got in, just now. I’m so glad I have my fellow MPSIMSers to console me about MSN.

I’m still mad though, on behalf of all y’all who haven’t succeeded yet. It took me over four hours to get in.

And yes, I had new email, even though it told me I didn’t.
@#&*@!^%!@^$#* MSN!!!