Anyone else having this problem on youtube (with Chrome)

I go to a video, and the video doesn’t load. It is stuck on the black screen with the white circle of dots. But the audio loads and works fine. The timer at the bottom doesn’t move. I can hear it but not see it. And if I troll to scroll down and scroll up the place where the video should be just gets replaced with whatever I looked at last (like the comments section). This does not happen with every video. Some videos work normally, some have this thing happen.
So I see this the whole time while the audio works fine.

Yeah. I think it’s Adblock for Chrome 'causing it. Do you run that?

no I don’t have adblock

Now, when I got to view a Youtube video, I get several ‘dings’ before it will finally play, and then I get a black screen with just the sound. I run both Flashblock and NoScript, and to fix it I have to flick to another window and back again to recover the picture. I don’t know how to ferret out the “offending” script and okay it, other than trial and error of course.