Anyone else here love White Castles?

I prefer my “sliders” with brakes (cheese). A sack of cheese sliders w/everything (onions, Dusseldorf Mustard, and ketchup), plus an order of onion rings, and an order of fries. And an orange soda.

Love them. In Chicago the standard is cheese and a pickle, but I had some in NYC a while back and the regular had ketchup, which almost ruined them. Any other regional differences?

I like their fries quite a bit, not sure why; they’re not crispy or especially flavorful. 3 cheeseburgers, 2 jalapeno, a fry, and maybe a chocolate shake. White Castle doesn’t feel right if I don’t gorge.

In Chicago cheese must be specified if one wants cheese. I’ve experimented with the mustard, but I love them just fine how they come: onions and pickles.

I get them once every couple of months but, yeah, I love 'em and their spongy, oniony goodness. My usual order is four jalapeno cheeseburgers. I enjoy that sriracha chicken sandwich, too, so if they have it, I’ll usually get one or two of those, although one is about as filling as two burgers for me.

My wife and I have been going to White Castle for their Valentines Day dinner for three years running now. :slight_smile:

Love them! This was my absolute favorite burger growing up in Florida.
I haven’t had a fresh one since 1972. Sob

I had a frozen one out of desperation, but it just doesn’t work for me. They need to come to Northern California.

I know them only from the frozen food section at the grocery store. Those are pretty good, but I’m dying to get them fresh. I have always wanted to go to one, but I’ve never really gotten the chance.

I’ll grab a frozen box of six from the 7-11 across the street when I feel like a burger but I’m too lazy to drive anywhere. I’ll add mustard ketchup and dill relish at home after I heat them up. Add a bag of Lay’s Classics and a 22oz Sierra Nevada and you have all the nutrients you need for the rest of the day.

I bought a box of the frozen ones, brought them straight home, and cooked per the instructions on the box. My husband was so violently ill later that he had to stay home from work the next day. That was a bitch, because he loves junk food like that and I thought I could put it into rotation along with frozen burritos and eggrolls.

I have a recipe for duplicating White Castle burgers. It calls for finely ground hamburger mixed with a jar of beef baby food!

Regarding condiments…not sure if they still do it, but at one time White Castle mixed mustard and Ketchup together in their squeeze bottles; cuts application time in half.

Kinda gross, but that won’t stop me from sacking up.

Every 5 to 8 years I have to have some.

Hmmm, it’s been at least 5 years now, I think.

We have only scratched the surface of White Castles. How many wonderful ways can they be enjoyed? Happy Thanksgiving:

A couple of times a year, I’ll go to White Castle and order 4-6 of the little buggers. While it’s tasty at the time, that’s enough to hold me for the next several months.

When I ate my first, it cost 12 cents. Now I think they’re $.65 or close to that.

Love 'em, and I’d eat them all the time, except they’re not good for my diet. When I was a kid, I think they cost something like 9 cents apiece (no cheese back then).

Once a year, though I think have gone a few years between them. They are connected to Church’s chicken here in Michigan, but you still see stand-alone White Castles as well.

They used to sell them by the sack, where you could get a bunch of them in a bag.

I swear I can eat like 8-10 of those suckers. So light and tiny and tasty.

That is the tradition. I’ve never been high, but I think they are connected to that as well.

White Castles are O.K., but if you want the real deal you need to go to Salina, KS to the Cozy Inn. It opened in 1922, a few months after the first White Castle, and is still in its original location. It’s one of the last remaining 6 stool diners in the country, and was number 6 in Travel Channel’s “America’s Top Ten Hamburgers”. USA Today named it the “Best Burger Joint in Kansas” in 2010.

Yeah, don’t expect a lot of protein from WC sliders. I think of them more as flavor bombs than hamburgers.

I love them, I live within 10 minutes of two of them (I notice everyone says they get them in St. Louis – we’re saturated with White Castles), so I probably eat there once a month or so.

I have the same complaint about being overpriced. Part of their charm was that they were just so dirt cheap. Buying 30 wasn’t a big deal. I remember when they were still ~25 cents apiece, now they’re around 75 cents, which isn’t much cheaper than a McDonald’s hamburger. But with inflation and all, they’re still definitely worth it.

Anyone want to talk about their breakfast menu? It is one of the best fast food breakfasts I’ve had. I really like their fried egg sliders.

I grew up in St. Louis and now live on the West Coast. Every time I visit my brother who still lives there, he knows there will be trips to White Castle, Steak N Shake and Imo’s in his future.

Imo’s…You had me, and then you lost me!

A (or maybe THE) White Castle food truck is going to be here in Orlando. Very apropos for this thread

Something about White Castle makes the sober vs drunk difference huge. Okay turns into some kind of mana from drunk heaven.

I do also enjoy what I call “maggot onions.” They remind me of the onions I only ever saw in school lunches long ago. I love onions anyway but there’s something special about the maggot onions.