Anyone else into OTR?

Old time radio.

I think I’m addicted.

Suepense, Inner Sanctum. Lights Out, CBS Radio Mystery theater, I love a Mystery.

So many shows to download…and me on a dial-up. It’s better to buy the CD’s full of MP3’s but I have to wait for them to get here!

The Whistler, The Sealed Door, Mysterious Traveller, Strange Dr Weird.

So far I am only into Horror and Mystery.

But the shows run the gamut from horror to comedy to news to soap operas.

If you haven’t listened, give them a try.

Put a Lights Out CD in your puter, turn the lights out, close your eyes and see how entertaing radio plays can be.
Anyone else collect them?

I just got started. I listen to CBS Radio Mystery Theater on downloaded CDs; a great alternative for my daily commute to what passes for news and talk radio nowadays.

I like CBSRMT. I used to listen to it every night when I was a kdi and just recently discovered it on the net for download. Good stuff.

I’m a big fan of the BBC radio dramas, Sherlock Holmes and Agatha Christie mysteries. There’s also some good Sci Fi stuff, like X-1.

BBC is actually still producing a lot of radio drama, and some of it is excellent.


I absolutely love “the Black Museum” and “inner Sanctum”. There’s a hwole bunch more they used to play on CHUM FM out of toronto, like “the Sealed Book” which was creepy. I love it. Can’t get enough. Nuff said.

Reeder, I haven’t started collecting the oldies yet, but even the new stuff is still good. Does your market pick up Imagination Theater or Twilight Zone? New stories every week performed by a cast that includes at least one major star. A few have has Stacey Keach in the lead for example.

Also, where’s the best place-site you’ve found to get them. I’ve heard Lights Out a few times and loved it. Also, anything Jack Benny did.

Hi My handle is Dialturner and I just registered as a Straight Dope blogger. I’ve been enjoying reading your blogs about OTR. It looks like many of you are in your Thirties and got your first taste of OTR listening to CBS Mystery Theater. FYI…l.The producer of CBSMT was Hyman Brown who produced the old Inner Sanctum series, aka “The Creaking Door.” He did it as an experiment to see if dramatic radio still had any appeal after all these years. Many of the actors and actresses who appeared had actually done OTR. I get a kick out of you youngsters playing MP3’s on your computer. If you really want to get the full effect, play a cassette tape on one of those Crosley replica radios they used to sell at Walmart and turn off all the lights then tell me you didn’t get scared. I used to have a large collection of tapes but when I got my computer and found that they were already on different websites, I donated my collection to a senior retirement home where I knew they would be appreciated. Be looking forward to reading your blogs…Happy OTR Listening…the old Dialturner.