Anyone else linking anti abortion and anti immigration?

We need immigrants because we need ‘replacement people’ to grow or at least maintain our population base, as we are not having enough babies to do this. If one wants to end immigration or limit it, we still need replacement people to maintain our nation, so banning abortion and forcing women to birth more children is needed.

This sounds like a conspiracy theory touted that immigrants (or Muslims really) are migrating here and having babies here so that eventually, there will be more of “them” than there are of “us” so the can take over. I think they call it the “Gradual takeover” or something.

Sounds completely bonkers to me.

I’m not convinced most of the people promoting either of those two positions are thinking about the issues coherently enough to construct a unified policy objective out of them.

I also think that for people who are thinking coherently, trying to substitute a forced-birth population increase for immigration would be self-evidently absurd. Employers want more immigrants because they want hard-working, healthy, competent and motivated adults who are immediately available. (And, in the case of some unscrupulous employers, undocumented so they will be easier to intimidate and exploit.)

A proposal to replace this demographic with a promise of a bunch of additional native-born workers twenty years in the future is not going to be looked upon favorably by employers. Especially when they consider that the short-term consequence will probably be to shrink the workforce due to increased pressure of parenting responsibilities. Plus the additional tax burden of educating and otherwise assisting all those native-born future workers during the twenty-year interim.

I’ve never heard of anyone who is anti-abortion giving reasons that were based on some sort of morality. It’s never about needing more people for the economy. And, when it comes to immigration, they tend to think there aren’t enough jobs to go around. The immigrants are taking their jobs. So I don’t see them connecting.

The closest thing I can think of is the Quiverfull movement, which claims that it’s the responsibility of the faithful to make as many babies as possible so they’ll be a bigger proportion of the population. But that’s not about economics or jobs. It’s about political power.

I also can see that some people (in particular racists) link the two: Produce more of “our” babies and don’t let those “other people” come in.

But, as noted, in general such political beliefs are often helter-skelter.