Anyone else not like turkey?

For a very long time, the only kind of turkey I would eat willingly was turkey hot dogs. (And I wouldn’t eat any other type of hot dog - just turkey ones.) Until I got a bad batch - now those are out too.

If I am a guest somewhere, and turkey is served, I will choke it down… but that’s about it. (I don’t really like any other kind of fowl either).

Thanksgiving is not a good food holiday for me (don’t do gravy or pumpkin pie either.) Usually, the compromise has been turkey and ham, or a promise of no turkey at Christmas. This year, it seems that the compromise is to be lasagne - which is perfect on nearly all fronts.


Turkey rules [gack].
It was almost the [hork] national bird. If you don’t like it, it’s cuz [hack] you’re dirty rotten pinko [eeack] slime.
It’s not [eeeckaw] dry and should always be eaten with the reverence that [heep-heep bleech] it deserves.

PS: Pass the [er-scresh] the gravy.

I’m not especially fond of turkey cooked Thanksgiving-style, but it does make a good vehicle for gravy, cranberry sauce, or whatever. I also don’t like that awfully bland cold-cut turkey. Smoked turkey can be good, and I do like turkey soup. In most cases I would just rather have ham.

I also don’t especially like pumpkin pie or pecan pie.

I absolutely adore that cranberry-sauce-in-a-can, though. My aunt makes a beautiful and elegant Thanksgiving every year, including a fancy-schmancy cranberry sauce with actual cranberries in it, but she includes that canned stuff just because I like it. She slides it out of the can and slices it and lays it out on a lovely platter, with the ridge-marks from the inside of the can clearly visible and makes sure to tell everyone that she is only serving it because I like it. Everybody has a good laugh at my expense, and I don’t care! I love my auntie. She’s the cat’s pajamas.

Jesus, how can you hate sweet potatoes? The national food of America’s South, and the salvation of its poor! One of the few wholefoods you can just stick in the oven plain and have it come out in an hour tasty and tempting and steamy delicious and so GOOD for you, too!

Go back and read yer Ralph Ellison…“I yam what I yam!”

Don’t worry, I know how you feel. I like turkey, but pie…well, let me put it to you this way, I don’t eat what comes out of the toilet, do I? :slight_smile: Okay, the real reason I *go out of my way * to hate pie is to be iconoclastic. Also its not tasty, but mainly I like the independent thing, since no one else I know hates it.

Don’t let holidays force you to conform, damnit!!

Oh well…figured I’d pad my post count.

Put me down for one “zippity friggin do-da” for turkey.


You know what I hate?

Sweet potatoes with the stupid marshmallows on top.
Whole baby onions in sauce.
Cranberry sauce with the can indentations still on it.
Jello with fucking carrots in it!

When I was a kid, turkey was the only thing that kept me from STARVING TO DEATH on Thanksgiving!

God bless the turkey.

I can take turkey or leave it alone, although I don’t care much for the white meat. I might eat it a couple of times a year.

On the other hand:

"Anyone else out there hate pumpkin pie? That’s another one that gets me weird looks during Thanksgiving dinner… "

I loath pumpkin pie! The only people in the world who knew how to properly deal with a pumpkin pie were the Three Stooges: throw the foul son of a bitch at somebody you don’t like! It’s especally nasty with whipped cream stuck to it. GAG!!

And pecan is almost as bad.

This Thankegiving will be at my youngest daughter’s house. As it’s her turn to cook for everybody, we can expect a very large bird and several pies for desert. I will have mincemeat.

No one in my family eats turkey for Thanksgiving. We’ve been doing this for as long as I remember.

up until recently I was a veggie, so I didn’t eat the stuff. Not only that, but I hate pumpkin pie, anything with cranberries, sweet potatoes, that cool whip-marshmallow-mandarin orange shit my mom whips up every year, and well, just about anything that isn’t bread or mashed potatoes.

I’ve gone hungry for the past five years. Maybe this year I’ll eat some turkey though.

Don’t like:

Cranberry sauce
Sweet Potatoes

I will eat turkey, but I usually chop it up and mix it up with the stuffing. It IS healthy. I am also nto fond of Chicken.

I hated turkey so much when I was a child, and made such a huge fuss about it, that we stopped having turkey! Yep, that’s right, spoiled brat. We had chicken instead, for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Unfortunately, I have a younger brother. Despite all my efforts he was spoiled too. After two or three years he started protesting that he wanted turkey. So now it’s turkey for Thanksgiving and chicken for Christmas. We also have my aunts unbelievably good ham on BOTH occasions.

For those of you who hate yams, pumpkin pie, etc., there is a potential bright spot. There is a slight chance you will one day fall in love with your much hated food item. Before you protest that this will never happen, let me explain. Your sudden love for this item will come at the exact moment you mother decides you will never eat it.

Suddenly you will be having these conversations.
“Mmmm, give me some of those yams.”
“No, you won’t eat them.”
“Yes I will.”
“No, you don’t like them.” And you’ll have to get them yourself. This will continue to happen every year. If yams ever comes up, your mother will be shocked that you like them. You’ll remind her that you’ve told her this 100 times, but she’ll just shake her head.