Anyone else pissed that MSNBC is airing the Olympics?

Ok, I know I’m supposed to get all excited for the Olympics (I mean, this year’s Opening Ceremonies did get record viewership on T.V.; like 44 million, so somebody’s getting excited) but I find myself just getting pissed when I go to tune my T.V. to it’s usual morning cable-news fixture of MSNBC and find freakin’ women’s fencing on instead of Chuck Todd; like I was fuckin’ expecting. :mad: I never thought I would be reminiscing so fondly of a man’s beaver-like grill…:frowning: I’d even rather watch reruns of Lockup! :eek:

When is this shit over??

Nope, I love the Olympics and am glad it is being shown on all the major NBC networks. I just wish CNBC showed more than focusing mainly on boxing.

MSNBC–the place for politics.

Unless the Olympics are on, or if it’s the weekend, or some other shit we haven’t thought of yet.

While I love everything Olympics and enjoy that they are on all the time, I will say I didn’t expect regular local news to be preempted like it has been. The Noon News (which is my morning) hasn’t been on at all, and it’s the only broadcast news I’m home and awake for. So, yeah, I can see the OP’s frustration.

I cannot see how Chuck Todd would be better than anything that could replace him, and that includes reruns of Lockup. I just wish they’d start coverage at 4 AM and preempt the pile of crap that is Morning Joke as well.

Well hmmphh! to you then. :mad:

Cable news is lame anyway. After the Olympics are over, they should switch to old Scooby-doo cartoons, which are far more edifying than anything on MSNBC, CNN, or Fox.

My normal routine is to wake up around 8am, listen to NPR while shaving, brushing my teeth, and showering. Then I go downstairs and watch MSNBC to get some headlines and commentary while eating breakfast. So yeah…I’m annoyed at it.

I’ve switched to CNN in the morning, but I don’t really like their mix of news and fluff as much.

MSNBC isn’t showing enough of the Olympics.

A channel that shows old cartoons would be awesome. As much as I like Lawrence O’Donnell and Rachel Maddow, the need for GOOD cartoons is much greater.

I love summer Olympics (and boxing. What’s up with Olympic “badmitton?” The girls working the streamers were bad enough) but everything has its place. Don’t mess with my viewing routine. I can’t “go” until Robin has run down the HLN.

I agree with you 100%. I miss my late-afternoon MSNBC fix something fierce.

I love my MSNBC, but it’s bordering on criminal that there is not more Olympic coverage, especially during prime time hours. This is two weeks, every two years. There is no shortage of events to be shown, and even watching Kazakhstan vs. Germany in boxing is welcome if it is part of the Games.

And they time-shift. I’ve got CTV-BC on now, which seems to be more reliable when it comes to showing events live.

Actually, I miss the ABC coverage when I was a kid. (I also miss Wide World Of Sports.)

If you’re home during the day, sure there’s lots of choices on the NBC family of channels for Olympic coverage. Prime time is NBC main network only. That sucks. Those of us that work during the day can either fill our DVRs or watch the events in prime time that NBC wants us to watch- namely the high-profile sports that Americans excel in, plus watching the fine looking asses on the beach volleyball girls (even that got ruined by London weather and the coverups).

The NBC opening ceremony coverage sucked major ass, most notably for ignoring a tribute to English terror victims in favor of a Phelps interview. You wouldn’t want the American audience to know that other countries experience terror attacks, NBC? There were no other opportunities to interview Phelps in this two weeks of coverage?

It’s getting to be that the only way for an American to get good Olympic coverage is to hole up in a Canadian hotel for two weeks.

Well, I mean really, what do you expect to be able to watch in the evening if you’re working all day and can’t watch TV until then? It’s the middle of the night in London so there’s nothing going on live.

Closing ceremonies are August 10. I don’t know what time zone.

Try Boomerang?

Stop complaining, the Paralympics are coming soon