Anyone else remember the alternate ending to "Big"?

This is the screenshot

Thank you so much, P1inch! That’s so interesting and I have to say, an actual reason to bring this thread up again.


I hoped you thanked him after he solved such a big mystery for you.

I mean, you sent him at least five messages (with a lack of care: “tank”, “fir” “can you answerme please?” ). If you didn’t, it’s not too late to say thanks from the teeming millions here.

But, tank you fir doing that! Seriously, there are so many people who wonder about this. You’re one of my heroes now.

One of these days, AI deepfakes are going to get good enough to actually produce this alternate ending.

Of course, then everyone will be upset that its not the alternate ending that they remember.

Or, when I win the lottery, I’ll hire Spielberg to film it. (Five different ways so people can still say "No, no, no, you’re wrong. The ending I SAW was THIS…!")

Why would it take deepfake tech? Just splice the actual scene from 14 going on 30 that people remember onto the end of Big.

The truth is, not only was there no alternate ending to Big, there is no movie.

The entire thing was made up by a group of graduate Sociology students at the University of Utah. Inspired by Professor Jan Harold Brunvand and his explorations of “urban folklore,” the group decided to spread a completely made up rumor about a film that didn’t even exist.

Instead of something attention-grabbing (e.g., a death during filming) the students chose the mildest sort of myth - an alternate ending to a family-oriented film. Using the emerging technology of Internet chat rooms, they simply asked if anyone had seen the alternate ending to a made up movie “from a few years ago” they called “Big.” Little did they know we sheeple would still be talking about it a quarter-century later.

But there IS a Tom Hanks, right?

There has always been a Tom Hanks, before this form he was Jimmy Stewart. I know in theory their lives overlap, but it is more complicated than that.

There is a Tom Hanks, but after a few years he got tired of trying to explain that he had never made a movie called Big and decided to just play along. Ditto with Penny Marshall.

I’ve read all of this thread, over the years, but don’t remember if the SNL “alternate ending to Big” has ever been mentioned.

It was shown on NBC last night, in the 10pm time-slot they use on those Saturday nights on which sports coverage doesn’t go long. It was a 1988 episode, and Tom Hanks reprised his role as the Big Josh. And, okay, it’s labelled “out takes” rather than “alternate ending,” but: