Anyone else use the Penagain?

Has anyone else tried the Penagain? I first heard about it from some Wall Street Journal articles. A few months ago I figured I would give one a try (my handwriting is terrible, I took pity on my co-workers who have to read it).

I kind of like it. You have to learn a slightly different way of writing but I do think it makes my writing easier to read, and my hand gets less tired. I hear it doesn’t work so well for lefties though.

Anyone else try it?

I have seen those, and didn’t realize exactly what they were for. I think it would be somewhat incompatible with the way I hold a pen (with my middle finger in front of my index). Or is that the point?

I saw those the other day. I’m a lefty and the first thing I thought of was “wow, I bet I couldn’t write with that.” Since I rarely ever write anything anymore, I couldn’t justify trying it out.

However, I am mortified that my daughter appears to be right handed so far. I have no idea how I’m gonna teach her anything.

Yeah, it’s a little pricey but it does come with a couple of refills. Stores should offer people a chance to try it out before they buy it though.

My job involves filling out forms by hand almost daily (FDA stuff, I think it is anachronistic myself) and my coworkers often have to try to read my writing.