Anyone else watching 'Heavy' on A&E?

The second episode is on now, and I am, if you’ll excuse the pun, morbidly fascinated with this show. It’s my replacement for Hoarders, which is easy since it’s in the same time slot!

I am surprised at how much the people lose (though it was just the one episode so far,) but I was also really impressed with the woman last week who not only lost weight, but got her overbearing mother to move out and is on the way to fixing her marriage. I have a feeling she’ll do better than the guy…he relapsed early on in his six months and although he got to under 500 pounds (after being over 600,) I don’t know if he’ll stay that low.

And OH GOD IT JUST SHOWED THE MAN’S LYMPHATIC FLUID LEAKING OUT FROM HIS LEG!! I knew lymphodema was a serious problem for the morbidly obese but I didn’t know that it could actually start to leak out on it’s own…Jesus.

This show makes me want to hit the gym like Hoarders made me want to clean my house…

I watched that one and it does inspire me. The rate I’m going I’ll be that woman’s starting size in no time.

My mother has that problem with her legs, and she “only” weighs 300+ pounds (at 5’4). It’s just one of several weight-related medical issues that she has.

I didn’t know lymphodema was weight related. I knew for my grandfather it was cancer-related and he was relatively thin until both legs swelled up like biscuits. More reason to keep dragging my lazy ass to the gym.

Was your grandfather active when his legs swelled up? My understanding is that with my mom, the problem is mainly that she never uses her legs (she is retired, and hardly ever leaves the house). So if she weighed 300 pounds but ever walked or did any leg exercises, she might not have the lymphedema. Of course the weight contributes to her not wanting to walk/exercise, and if she was more active she probably wouldn’t weigh as much, so I consider it a weight-related condition. Just maybe not weight-caused; more like weight is a significant contributing factor. It’s also possible that cancer affects the lymph nodes and is also a contributing factor to lymphedema; purely speculation on my part.

Yes, I watch it. I love watching shows where people change their lives for the better.

I’d like to think these shows inspire people who have 1,000 excuses for why they can’t lose weight or exercise to start when they see someone in worse shape than they are get solid results.