Anyone else watching the YT messages from Vincente Fox to Trump?

I don’t know enough about Fox to say whether he has room to talk but I find the videos hilarious, brutal and on target.

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Another lame ass Trump pit thread, another lame ass participation trophy.

Ha ha, durp!

I watched the one about the fuken wall, and it was masterful. Allow me a moment to watch the one you link to…

Your sphincter must have lost all of its elasticity by now. It’s almost like you’re enjoying shoving your shit-covered fist in there.

And a participation trophy to you as well.

I just hope he learns about hyphens and compound words. His “ass trophies” are, as he admits himself, really lame.

“So I suggest
You keep a bag of cookies
in the nuclear suitcase
and that way
if you ever open it
you find the yummy cookies…”

I’d like to see VF do a Putin video.

I think this is the third of these videos that Vicente Fox has made now. I have to admit, I didn’t think this new one was as funny as the previous two, which were really great - here’s the cake one and the wall one.

Also, in case you missed it from a few months ago, here’s another excellent Latin comedy about Mexico and Trump, M.A.M.O.N. - Latinos VS. Donald Trump, with related thread here.

I’m a big fan of these videos and share them everywhere I can.

The funniest thing about these is that Fox, regardless of what anyone thinks of him as a person or as a President, is automatically on high enough ground to criticize Il Douche, his character, insinuate he has sex with his daughter, accuse him of being likely to start a war just to bolster his insecure and fragile ego, make fat jokes about him, etc. and come away with the support and admiration of the vast majority of the world.

You could throw a rock into a crowd anywhere in the world and you would always hit someone who is on high enough moral ground to ruthlessly criticize Donald Trump. So yes, Vicente has room to talk.

Why do you think we call him Projammer?