Anyone ever can their own salsa?

One of my best friends loves mango salsa, and I want to make her some and can it for her for a Christmas present.

I’ve never canned before, but I found some good websites and the process seems pretty straightforward. However, there is one point on which I am uncertain.

The idea seems to be that naturally acidic foods, such as mangoes and red bell pepper, need no vinegar when canning. Vegetables, on the other hand, do. Salsa being a combination of the two, I’m not sure what to do. The recipe I like has mangoes, tomatoes, red bell pepper, chili peppers, onions and cilantro. Another similar recipe has a tablespoon of both lemon and lime juice.

Should I make the recipe I like the way it is? Should I make it and add the citrus juice? (I think I would do that anyway.) Would that be enough acidity?

I know that one can buy jars of mango salsa, so it must be possible.


I definitely recommend adding the citrus juice- better safe than sorry. Ideally you could get pH testing strips, measure the acidity of the salsa sans citrus, and add it if necessary. Your local extension office should have safe pH canning range data if you can’t find it online.

Ignorance fought! Thanks, Leiko.