Anyone ever change the heat fuse on a stove?

Burners went out on my stove. The appliance itself is still getting power but the burners along with the oven are not getting hot. Pretty sure it’s got to be the heat fuse. Watched a Youtube video of a guy changing one out. Seems easy enough to do.

Thing is though, the make and model he demonstrated on was not the same as mine. Just wondering if the process is pretty standard on all stoves or not? Just worried I’m going to pull the back panel off and not know what part to pull. Don’t have an owners manual. Is the schematic usually printed somewhere on the back panel?

No clue about whether oven guts are more-or-less standard in layout, but I would be very surprised if they were. I have had excellent luck in finding owner’s manuals and/or wiring diagrams online by Googling the make and model (or even serial number).

You should be able to find info online. Stoves aren’t very complicated if it’s just in the basic wiring. If there are electronic modules controlling the burners the problem could be something else.

One wonders why the fuse blew, and if it will do so again upon replacement.