Anyone ever do any underwater basket weaving?

Just wondering if anyone’s every actually done it, or taken a course on it. I understand classes have been offered at Reed College, U of Arizona and Rutgers in the past.

UBW is the classic joke example of a puff course created for pampered athletes. Though I used to think it meant at the bottom of the pool, most baskets are woven underwater. The basket, that is. The weaver stands next to the sink.

That was the code word my friend and I used to describe any plans we were hiding from our husbands.

Underwater basket weaving has been the replacement for everything from batting practice to a surprise week away at a cottage.

Haven’t used it in a while, technology has made our communications more secure :slight_smile:

The other example I’ve heard of is “rocks for jocks,” an introductory geology course designed for student athletes.

I spend a fair amount of time underwater. I’ve done things even more mundane than basket weaving while underwater. I’ve even napped underwater. But I’ve never weaved any actual baskets.

I built a nailed-together wooden box underwater once. It was part of the advanced open-water diver course.

I majored in it at the Rocko Club School for women; my minor was typewriter maintenance.

“…A BA in Communications guarantees that you’ll achieve
A little less that if you’d learned to underwater basket weave…”

I wove a basket in high school. I wasn’t underwater, but the materials were soaked for quite some time. So close…