Anyone ever go to Space Camp? Last call!

Financial problems could close Space Camp, Astronaut Hall

Bummer. Wish I knew it was for adults, too. All the marketing I’ve seen showed it was for kids.

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There’s programs for adults too. The article you linked to mentioned it.
I hope nothing happens to the Huntsville Space Camp. I went there once for a school trip, though it was ages ago. So cool.

Yeah, I know now (I read the article). Wish I had known that before now, else I would have gone. Alabama is a bit far; this one was down the street, less than 45 minutes away.

Grammar problem.

Been there.

Done that.

Wore the flight suit.

I attended the Huntsville, Alabama location, though. I have been there three times, all as an adult in their adult program (once for the Friday to Sunday weekend program and twice for their Sunday to Friday “all week” program).

I wanted to go when I was younger and in school but I did not have the funds to go then. Years later I was surfing around the net trying to find ideas for my vacation that year. I had been thinking about visiting a shuttle launch when I stumbled on the Space Camp website. It was all over except for the waiting once when I saw their “adult adventures” link.

It was incredible fun. I would go back in a heartbeat given the chance.

Too bad to hear about the Florida program possibly shutting down. I think the camps are a great tool in getting young people interested in mathematics, engineering, aerodynamics, astronomy and other sciences.

Yep, I went in the 7th grade on a field trip with our school’s “gifted” program. It was the Huntsville location.

Very cool. I hope this FL does not close shop.

I was at Space Camp when I was a kid too…sometime in the mid '80’s I’d guess. Still have the flight suit :slight_smile:

I was also at Huntsville, maye some of us were there together!

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I went to Space Camp in California. Real fun, but how come I never got a flight suit?! “Flying” the space shuttle, launching mini rockets, spinning in the gyroscope thing 'til you feel like puke. Something all kids should do :). But it didn’t really make me interested in space science that much though.

It’s a shame they’re closing the Florida one down. Are they privately run or does something like NASA help them?

I attended Space Camp (Space Academy Level I, to be specific) at Huntsville, AL in April 1989.

It was cool.

I always figured the Florida one would be cooler, since the Cape is so close. I did get to see a Space Shuttle engine test out somewhere (Redstone Arsenal, maybe?) That was incredibly awesome. It was so powerful, I couldn’t believe it was only a single Shuttle rocket, I can hardly imagine what three of them at once, along with two SRB’s would be like.

Privately run. In fact, the company that operates the visitor center and concessions at NASA is looking to take over the Astronaut Hall of Fame - lots of cool stuff in there, as far as memoribilia, but the hands-on exhibits were really aimed at kids.

(who is still pissed off at the cable company for dropping the NASA channel and not running the live video feeds from the shuttle)

I have done lock work off and on for years at the Huntsville Space camp :slight_smile: love looking at all the stuff. Hope they keep it around here for a while is rather facinating.

According to one of the Huntsville TV stations, the Huntsville Space Camp is having its best year since 1999. And the Space and Rocket Center is finally getting it’s financial difficulties of the past few years straightened out.

So hopefully the original Space Camp will around for years to come.

I’ve visited Huntsville but did not attend camp. It looked really cool. I liked all the Werner Von Braun (and if that is spelled right I’d be really suprised) stuff. Original drawings of his, his briefcase, his cowboy hat?, were all on display.

Plus of course lots of rockets and stuff.

that is a bummer. an ex-coworker found the love of his life at space camp. they married within a year and off he went to california. he kept a picture of the two of them silo’ed against the flames of the shuttle taking off at his desk. now that’s a first date!

really nifty.