Anyone ever heard of the "Omega Acubase"?

Just out of curiosity, anyone been “omega tested” for food allergies? Hundreds of people around here swear by it, and pay the $80 or so to find out what they cant eat anymore…Im suspect its a scam, but how can it appear to be so accurate?

Omega Accubase is a piece of software used in conjunction with such apparatus as the Vegatest device. The Vegatest device “works” on the Electro Dermal theory. EDT is claimed, without any scientific evidence to be able to diagnose food allergies, in addition to myriad other conditions such as, “weak organs,” certain viruses, lead levels in children, etc.

Omega Accubase is almost certainly a fraud.

I figured as much…now if someone is charging $75 to hook someone up to this device, then claiming that they have x food allergies, is that not fraud? Can they not be charged with some crime?