Anyone ever in a baseball field private suite?

I can’t afford anything major league but minor league ball parks have luxury suites also and are quite reasonable. I thought of renting one for a family outing next year. The two choices near Cleveland I have found so far are Crusher’s Stadium in Avon and Classic park in Eastlake.

Crusher’s stadium suites come with 12 tickets for $540 and includes a food credit. The extra cost all you can eat buffet seems good but it doesn’t show the price.

Classic Park, a much more professional field, private suites are for 20 people for $500. The food package I like would be $250 and includes two sandwiches per person plus snacks and beverages.

I know we could fill a 12 seat suite, not sure about 20 people. Anyway it just sounds like a chance to enjoy something I doubt any of us have experienced before.

I watched Cubs games at Wrigley Field from private suites a couple of times; both times, they were corporate hospitality suites. One suite was directly behind home plate (directly underneath the broadcast booth), so it was an amazing view of the game, while the other one was well down the first-base line, and was an OK view.

The perks of the suite:

  • Very comfortable seats
  • Catered food and drinks in the “indoors” part of the suite – the food was standard ballpark fare (hot dogs, etc.), but there was also dessert service in the latter half of the game. They had beer and wine, as well as soft drinks.
  • Having someplace you could go to get out of the weather (though not an issue at the games I attended, and the “outdoor” seats were under an overhang, anyway)
  • TV screens showing the game broadcast
  • A private restroom for the suite

I also have attended several Chicago Blackhawks games in a private suite at the United Center; other than the weather thing, it’s pretty much the same perks.

Yes, my friend’s Dad got us into a private suite at Comerica Park not long after it opened(I’d say aroun 2002 or so). The company his dad worked for had access to one and we got in during a non-busy time. We had food included and the whole thing was pretty nice. I’m not sure what to say about it. It was nice, but I’m sure not worth paying an absolute fortune for.

I also got one for, get this, a WNBA game at the now-closed Palace of Auburn Hills. It was nice, too.

Same here, but at Coors Field. It was nice, but it was in center field, so maybe 350 feet from home plate. There were a few outdoor seats, but if you wanted to have a good view of the game, you had to go inside where the TV was.

I have attended numerous (>50 for sure) games at two MLB parks. The cost was about ten times what you are talking about, and this was 1996-2001. The food and drink was VERY ordinary for those prices.

I was part of the corporate host team, so it wasn’t my job to enjoy myself, but often by the fifth or sixth inning we were the only ones left. We’d invite 16 customers per game and I don’t think more than ten ever showed up.

At one stadium we could have coworkers join us in the suite to make up the numbers even if the got into the stadium with an SRO ticket. In the other you could not.

The amount of wasted food was staggering :frowning:

With the exception of the desserts (typically cheesecake, brownies, and I remember shots of Bailey’s Irish Cream in chocolate shot glasses at a Blackhawks game), that’s consistent with my experiences in luxury suites, too. The food was largely the same sort of thing you’d find from the vendors in the concourse: hot dogs, bratwurst, hamburgers, popcorn, etc.

Not baseball but football - company my dad and I worked for rented [?] a suite for one of the superbowls … Had a killer buffet, all the shrimp anybody could possibly eat was my favorite part. Everybody else had a blast watching the game, I brought a book and ate and drank myself into somnolence burp [well, I really don’t watch sports, but I got the spot by benefit of being management. shrug and i wasn’t paying for it, but they didn’t care that I was reading and not watching.]

I was in one at one of the parks you mention, Classic Park. It was nice enough, I suppose. I don’t particularly remember the food, but there was also a magician who was going around to the suites and performing.

I watched a Braves game at Atlanta Fulton County Stadium, once -corporate tickets. As has been mentioned, the food was nothing special, although it was nice not to have to walk out onto the concourse to get a Coke or a dog. Private bathroom was a nice perk, too.

The downside was one I didn’t expect: it didn’t feel like being at a ball game. No one in the suite joined in the wave, or bounced the beachball that was traveling around the stadium, or got excited about a foul ball coming their way. It was like watching the game on a huge, crystal clear TV. Nice, but it wasn’t the ballpark experience I’ve gotten sitting in the plebe seats.

I’ve been to a bunch for various sports including baseball, and for a while was able to host work events in one. My experience was that first timers loved the novelty of it, and I think it’s worth doing at least once to experience it… most of the pros and cons are listed above, yes it’s great to have a private bathroom, and be able to graze food that’s decent enough, and not be jammed in while watching the game. At some stadiums you also get a private entrance.

The game experience itself varies a lot by stadium. In some places you’re kind of boxed away from the game, so you’re watching open air (the suite will have big open windows at the front) but it feels insulated, while in other places there are seats of the front that are quite good.

But again, definitely worth doing at least once.

Same for me. I worked for an organization that was a major sponsor for what was then called CenturyLink Field (now Lumen Field), where the Seattle Seahawks and Seattle Sounders play. I went there with my then-girlfriend (now wife) to see a Sounders game. It was one of the best experiences of my life.

Endless sodas and beers. They kept bringing hot dogs, nachos, hot wings, chips, pretzels, just about any common “game-watching” food. It was all great quality and endless. There were comfy recliner chairs that gave a great view of the field.

I joked that I imagined that was what Heaven was like. (I wasn’t totally joking though.)

I used to have a friend in a company that had a corporate suite for the Phoenix Suns (and everyone else that played there, or gave a concert there, or skated like Disney on Ice. I found out the fiscal reality of owning a box.) The seats were great right at midcourt next to the broadcast booth. TVs and a great view, but you never get freebies like Tee shirts or free food giveaways. I can’t complain thought. I was there for the game. We got parking passes, too! I wish I was rich enough to own my own, that;s for sure.

My company has a place there, too, it is in the endzone. Slightly different setup. The seat holders share a common room with food and places to sit, but each holder has their own seats at the balcony overlooking the court. The view isn’t as good, but the food is amazing. And all included. I hope someday they allow me the benefit of getting those tickets again!

I agree. It’s definitely a less “at the ballpark” experience. We do it once a year to meet up with friends and socialize (usually scheduled for a fireworks night). But most people don’t watch the game too closely. You feel a little removed. I like it for once a year, but for being a fan and getting the whole experience, I prefer regular seats.

We were at an NBA game once in a suite, but my wife and I were so bored we left at halftime.

I forgot about that, yes, parking was taken care of when we went to the suite at the Clink.

Every year one of my military associations has a suite for a game at the Somerset Patriots. They used to be an independent team now they are the AA Yankee affiliate. There isn’t a bad seat in a minor league park. The suite was still close to the action. Food and non-alcoholic drinks were included. Tickets were $25 each.

A couple of weeks ago I saw a Yankee game (actually a doubleheader) in a suite. A couple of old players I follow put a package together and we got to see the games with the players. Like others said the food wasn’t anything special but it was included in the price. It was more than $25.

When I was a kid, I was invited to go to a White Sox game in a sky box with a friend and his parents. His dad was an executive for a medical device company. I don’t remember much except that the food was good and plentiful and I got a foul ball. I wish I could say I caught it but it hit my hands and fell to the floor.

I’ve been to a suite at Progressive Field (Cleveland) a few times. Once a couple months ago, actually. The food and drink is the same stuff as down in the concourse - same hot dogs, hamburgers, pizza, etc - but there’s also dessert trays, and loaded nachos and stuff. The fridge is stocked with Pepsi and beer and I think there was some liquor.

As others have said it was nice to get the fancy parking pass and nice to have the food all right there, and a server to take my dessert order. And the outside chairs are nice and cushy.

Other than that, I sat out on the deck and watched the game in the sweltering heat like everyone else because I was there for baseball. It was nice for people who wanted to chit-chat to be able to stay inside, so it’s good for groups where some people aren’t into the game.

I wanted to do a suite for my 40th birthday but couldn’t afford it. I’m considering it again for my 50th (I’ve got 7 years).

In my experience, minor league parks are fantastic about the fan experience. Maybe even moreso than some MLB parks. I always have a great time at Captains games. I am very curious how their suite setup would be and really hope you go and report back with info!!

The last time we did it the fridge had about a dozen bottles of pre-made margaritas. They were surprisingly good. I had several. Overall, as others have said, the food was nothing special.

The Mariners park does have a Diamond Club with very good food, and seats that are amazing. I’ve only done it once, but it’s on my list to try again next year. Far better experience than a suite.

Though I’d rate Mariners’ suites as among the best I’ve been in, in terms of having a good view of the game.

That sounds like the Yankees Legend Suite which is the are behind home plate. Apparently the food you have access to is excellent. Way too pricey for me. I’m ok with paying a few hundred a couple times a year but that’s a couple thousand for one game.