Anyone ever seen this Russian movie? _Gloss_ (2007)

This flick. It was pretty interesting, though a bit disjointed in its juxtaposition of comedy with drama, I thought. (All the dialogue was in Russian with the only subtitles in Chinese, so I may have missed some nuances.) What I really couldn’t figure out, though was the ending:

It would appear that the protagonist’s former boyfriend murdered her offscreen just before she was going to go off and marry some rich guy – but then in the credits it showed her living up the high life with said rich guy. What really happened?

Anyway, definitely a different film experience; I may seek out more Russian films if they look any good.

It appears that boyfriend didn’t kill her

Check out Night Watch and Day Watch for other pretty good Russian movies. They are science fiction set in present day Moscow. Due to the excellent (for the time) special effects, they were considered by many to be the best Russian movies made in their debut years (2004 and 2006).