Anyone ever stuffed envelopes to make money?

Since my mornings/early afternoons are free for the summer, I’ve been looking for a way to make some extra cash without really having to leave the house. Someone at work mentioned stuffing envelopes. I’m dubious, at best, but thought I would get some Doper’s opinions/experiences.

I won’t be depending on any income from this, it would just be money to sock away. I have a part time job in the evenings, another job on Saturdays, and college doesn’t start again until August.

So tell me everything you know :smiley:

I’ve never done it before, but I recently read on

about an arrest for fraud made with just such an opportunity. Evidently, the standard procedure is to collect a certain amount of money from each participant, in return for which they promise to send you a box of materials, or a starter kit of some kind. Sometimes, as in this case, they flee with the cash.

Sometimes they give you a box of envelopes that say “How To Make $$$ Stuffing Envelopes!” and instructions how to pull off the scam yourself by sendng out flyers that say “How To Make $$$ Stuffing Envelopes!” In other words, a pyramid scam.

I work at a medical billing office, and we have self-sealing envelopes (no licking necessary) and an adjustable automatic letter-folding machine. Our bulk mailing meter has a wet sponge in it to automatically seal the licky-kind of envelopes. I don’t know about any specific opportunity you’re thinking of, but I strongly suspect anybody with a lot of legitimate work to do has the resources to do it quickly and cheaply by machine.

If you choose to investigate this further, I advise you keep your eyes peeled and turn your Scam Radar on.


I figured that most of what I would hear about would be scams. Thats why I decided to come ask ya’ll before I looked too much into it!

Many have tried. Very, very few, if any, have made money doing this. It’s a scam.

The quote below is from


Sometimes the envelope-stuffing scam is more legit, but still a scam.

It works like this: “We will pay you $.25 for every envelope you stuff!”

But then once you sign up you discover that what you are really doing is collecting lists of customers for them, or something similar. As in, "Send a copy of this ad to 25 friends, all your co-workers, and here are hints as to how to collect even more names! Write all the names and addresses down and send them back to us.

In short, they are paying you to be a stringer for their service, and a cheap local mail service for their ads, and to collect names for their mailing list.

I’m constantly amazed at how many people seem to fall for this particular scam. A few moments thought will make it apparent that envelope-stuffing machines are cheap and abundent.

This isn’t a slam at you, ** liirogue** – you had the good sense to ask.

wow… i didnt even know you could stuff envelopes for a living?? i would probably have been one of those suckers to fall for that scam…
im so clueless lol

I’m doing it now.

Stuffing envelopes with my resume trying to find a damned job…

The Master gives us The Straight Dope on “Can you make big money stuffing envelopes at home?”

HAHAHA! & good luck! Or should I say, “Break a leg?” :dubious:

I stuffed envelopes for a realtor, she paid me to hand-address her Christmas letters, too, but she paid me by the hour and I’d sit in her office or take them home–she lived next door.

I had a legitimate job stuffing envelopes for one whole day back when I was in High School. (Middle 1970s if you must know). I had the xeroxed paper which I had to fold, the envelopes into which the folded papers went, and the crack-n-peel addresses that had to be affixed to the envelopes. Aside from babysitting and lawn mowing it was the first job I’d had, and it was of course supposed to be regular and contining work so I could have spending money. It was for a fund-raising initiative.

I worked for hours without taking a break, as fast as I could, snatching up the paper and folding it into thirds, shoving it into the envelope, giving the glueseal a quick pass with the sponge thingie, slamming it closed, grabbing an address and yanking it off the strip and whacking it onto the envelope and repeat. I did this crap for 6 hours from 3:30 to 9:30 and wasn’t having much fun but thought they’d be impressed with my diligence and dedication on my first day at the job.

Guy came in at 9:30 to see how I was doing, shook his head, picked up the materials and bam bam bam stuffed about 20 in the time it took me to do one. He said don’t bother to come back tomorow.

If there are still legitimate envelope-stuffing jobs, the folks who can make money doing it are the ones with the manual dexterity and speed sufficient to do them at a rate of 6-10 per second. (The guy who came to relieve me did each step multiple times, folding dozens of pieces of paper consecutively to create a pile of folded paper then putting them all in envelopes (whiskwhishwhiskwhisk) then spreading the envelopes out in a row with one hand like a card trick magician spreading a hand of cards while wiping the gluestrip of all of them in one fast double-swipe, folding them all shut in one gesture with the other hand, flipping them over and doing this thing where he bent and held the crack-n-peel label sheet where he could affix them all one-handed (bapbapbapbap) all in one continuous motion.

No hyperbole. He’d done 20 or thereabouts faster than I could do one and probably would have increased the margin if he’d kept going.

He didn’t train you in any of these techniques? Just showed you how just before firing you? Smells fishy to me.

I used to stuff mailers for Red Creek Ranch here in Colorado, I made $8.50 an hour, so that kicked ass because it was a really relaxed environment. If you are going to do it, be sure you either have access to a TV or a lot of good music. It’s really not that bad, kind of boring. Most of the time I had a friend of mine that was doing it with me so we would sit and talk while we were doing it.
Your fingers can get kind of sore if you are folding, you will lose the oil in your fingertips if you’re sticking labels, and your arms will hurt if you are running a postage machine. Other than extreme boredom, if you can get a good rate of pay it’s not that bad, and you will probably get that because nobody likes to do it.
The only reason we were paid 8.50-9 an hour was because the only other people in the office were millionaire sales people who would rather pay us $20 an hour just so they didn’t have to do it.
But this was a legitimate business, so no worries about that.