Anyone ever trolled (fished)?

Why? Since I’ve never done it–and none of the people I ever fished with did, either–I’ve never really understood it. What do you fish for? Is it better than just casting? Wassup with it?

I troll for Bass and occasionally trout. The best is to troll for Bass with a fly rod and line, even the 1-2 pounders feel huge. Casting you cover your selected areas and move on whereas trolling you can cover a lot of ground, I like to cast along the shore while my rod holder holds the trolling line. Doubles my chances :slight_smile: . Also with trolling you might just happen onto a school and then you can stop and cast around. Basically it helps to find the good casting spots.

Oh yeah and its easier to drink your beer when you only have to hold your rod and jig occasionally. Not interrupted by having to cast and reel all the time.

I’ve trolled for lake trout. It’s just a good way to cover a large area. If you’re talking about saltwater fishing, that’s a whole different kettle of fish (so to speak) that I know nothing about.

Trolling is usually for fish that roam about in open water, you just try to get the lure to go past the fish and covering a lot of open water increases your chances. Sand bass, stripers, hybrid stripped bass, walleye, etc. are all good trolling possibilities.

Casting is used more for fish thar hang out in or near structure, like black bass or crappie. Also for stream fish like trout.

Saltwater troller here,

I troll for striper. Trolling allows your bait, live or artificial, to remain in the strike zone for a longer duration. When casting the bait goes from the top of the water to the strike zone then back to the top of the water. Trolling allows your bait to stay in the strike zone, depending on the amount of line you let out and speed. Trolling is just another technique used in a fishermen arsenal. Try it some times, rattle traps work the best for fresh and salt-water. Stretch 25’s are great for striper and for fresh-water I use small beetle spins and tiny rattle traps. Good Luck.

Now that the technical stuff has been explained the real reason I prefer trolling is as ** kookiecanuck ** put it, “its easier to drink your beer.”