Anyone ever try Reiki?

Just wondering if anyone has tried Reiki?

I know what to expect asking this question here, but I am curious.

All I can add is that I have heard of it. Never tried it nor known anyone who did. Met one person who swore by it, but discount her opinion because she was mostly a flake.

Curious about whether it works, or whether there are people here credulous enough to have tried a modality that claims to transmit healing energies over long distances?

Here’s a summary of non-testimonial opinion.

Bizarrely, the number of people who’ve tried reiki and believe in it include folks you might run into if you’re ever unfortunate enough to be in an intensive care unit.

Reiki is an Asian variation of Therapeutic Touch, a totally bogus treatment that involves absolutely no touching at all. It is a superstitious concept of “energy fields” supposedly detectable by trained persons, but not by any instrument, that can be manipulated by hand gestures and very sincere thoughts to treat medical conditions.

It has been definitively shown to have no scientific basis or possibility whatsoever. Any reported beneficial results are undoubtedly due to a placebo effect.

I have an ex-friend who was also assimilated into the cult-like Michael teachings who swore by Reiki- she actually took ‘classes’ and was a licensed reiki-doer (whatever they call themselves). She swore by it, and yet when she had a toothache or got sick, yeah… off to the doctor or dentist she went. I call bullshit.

I agree with the comments but at this point I’m willing to try just about anything.

Since we know that TT and Reiki don’t work, except in the mind, and you appear to be unwilling to try something from the proven world of medical science, why don’t you save your money and just convince yourself that you are being treated? Take orange juice, have a beer, eat a hamburger, rub oil on your body, read a book – those will have the same placebo effect as Reiki if you convince yourself that they “work.”

If only it was that simple. This has been an ongoing issue for about six years that came to a head earlier this week. I just wish I had it in me to write about it here. I have thought long and hard about telling this story here on the Dope but I just can’t seem to do it. One of my issues is that my user name and email here are tied to a lot of other things like facebook and makes me easily identifiable. Since this includes complex legal and medical shit I am just concerned about it, but I always think that I could get some really good advice here on the Dope. I had even considered starting a sock just so I could get this out but that is not allowed here. If you heard this story I am sure you would be scratching your head wondering if it was even true, and this is one of the issues i have with resolving this…that most people just can’t see how it could happen.
ETA: To be honest just writing this little bit has made me fell better, almost like a first step to just starting a thread.

I was given a gift certificate for a Reiki 1 class, which I did take, and get certified as a practitioner. I have the ‘diploma’ out in the barn somewhere.

Now please keep in mind I do not actually believe in energy work, crystals, auras and such. I am willing to grant that sometimes ship appears to happen. That being said …

I have done reiki work on people who claimed to get benefit of the practice. I did not see any auras, any energy transferring, nor did i feel any energy transferring. As far as I am concerned it was all placebo. If they were happy with the work session, it worked for me as I was not charging any money nor did I get any money, or goods or services other than a hug.

The gentleman that gave me the class has done way more classes, and is up to the 3d level or some such nonsense. He apparently has a regular clientel. :dubious::rolleyes:

Just one note of caution, JFLuvly, if I may, before you venture further with the narrative of your plight.

Consider how the general tendency of this board is toward skepticism and how your story might have the effect demonstrated in the immortal lyrics

Once you’re prepared for that response, forge ahead!


I know what you mean there and that is also one of the reasons why I am nervous about starting. The thing is I have nothing to gain other than maybe some decent advice on how to proceed or maybe even some words of encouragement. This battle has taken its toll on me and I am running out of fight. It’s my overbearing sense of pride and doing the right thing that makes it hard to deal with.

If I understand you right – and correct me if I don’t – you had a personal experience that profoundly affected you and you want to tell us about it.

Fine. But don’t get offended if those of us who know how easy it is to fool ourselves aren’t the least convinced that the treatment is anything other than a fantasy, and provides no benefits other than a placebo. Because that’s what it is, and no amount of anecdotes can ever change that.

You are right about the personal experience and the profound effect it had on my life, but it has nothing to do with Reiki. I was asking because someone suggested to me that it may help in my situation. I completely understand the mentality of the Dope on these issues. The reason I asked was because the person that suggested it was quite high in the real medical field and she had given me very good advice a few years ago that helped me a lot. What I want to talk about is what put me in this situation in the first place. I am going to call my lawyer friend in a minute and get his opinion on whether or not I should discuss it on the net. Bringing my personal issues to a message board on the internet is not something I have ever done before or would even consider doing. The thing is that over the last few years that I have been here on the Dope I have seen some very helpful advice for people who have troubles. I generally consider most Dopers to be smart and analytical people who are willing to lend an ear when someone needs it, offer some advice and tell people to smarten the fuck up if that is what is needed. I don’t have people IRL who can do this without having a personal interest in it.

Just say it happened to “your friend,” like everyone else does. :slight_smile:

OTOH, anything posted on the Innertubes is there forever.

Well that is the problem and when you have people following you around and you are afraid to rock the boat to much it makes it hard when you user id is so closely tied to the real you. I am not sure what legal implications could come of it. The other thing is that just by googling my user name it links to SD posts that I have made. So I think you can see my issues.

My feeling on placebo therapy in general is that it may have its place, if:

  1. it is used for non-life threatening conditions
  2. the person using it has gotten good information about what it entails and has (not) been shown to do
  3. it is relatively inexpensive
  4. there is no potential for serious side effects or death
  5. the practitioner is realistic and honest about what may be accomplished

So if the problem is some sort of psychic trauma or a nagging pain syndrome that has been thoroughly investigated and mainsteam treatment is not proving satisfactory, then trying reiki is no big deal. If one is planning to forego potentially effective cancer therapy because of a belief that the reiki master can transfer healing energies via touch or long-distance vibes, that’s a whole 'nother story.

For six minutes of “down home wisdom” that bears on your dilemma, may I suggest you listen to Lewis Grizzard on the subject:

[the “good part” starts at 4:00 if you’re in a hurry.]

You hit the nail on the head with this statement. I just wish there was a way for me to tell the story without having to worry too much about possible negative repercussions.

Yes I have, and I know some Reiki practitioners, who are lovely caring people who seem to strongly believe in what they do. I felt nothing (except boredom) from having it done to me, but I’m not the type that will benefit from that kind of thing, having no natural spirituality plus being a hardened skeptic and usually unemotional.

I also know people that swear by it and have really made progress in emotional issues or had life-changing experiences in sessions. Their feelings are just as valid as mine. It can’t hurt to try it.

I’m all for thr placebo effect if it helps. I would definitely take that right now.