Anyone ever used a cat trap?

I have a visitor from time to time. It doesn’t seem to belong to any of the neighbors and has taken an interest in marking one of my windows. I’d like to catch him and at least have the vet make him start meowing soprano, but I was wondering if anyone had ever had any luck with the traps.

I definitely have not had any luck catching the sucker.

Hav-A-Hart cage traps are very effective at trapping cats. You can get one at your local feed store or Agway.

My roommate set a cat trap once. He borrowed it from animal control to try to catch a stray that looked like it needed medical attention. Caught a raccoon instead. That was not a happy raccoon.

Rented one from the cat shelter to catch a feral who was terrorizing my indoor kitties from the outside. Baited it with a can of tuna and caught the thing easily. Transporting it to the shelter was another story. It was almost literally like the Tasmanian Devil, spinning around in the cage so fast you couldn’t see him. If that animal had escaped the cage while in the car, I would have been dead.

Word to the wise – lay down cardboard on the back seat, with towels on top of the cardboard, the trap on top of the towels. And hope for the best.

I’ve trapped a couple of times for the rescue organization I work with, with mixed results. The key is to make sure the cat isn’t getting fed elsewhere. It won’t go in the trap if it’s not hungry. Check with your neighbors to make sure no one is feeding him. Then set out cat food or tuna (or sardines the stinkier the better) out where you will set the trap but with no trap. When he’s eating that regularly set it out in the trap but rig it so it won’t go off. After a day or two of him eating that then put it out in a live trap. Always cover the trap with a towel or blanket to keep it dark- the cat will feel safe.

Good luck.

Great advice. This is what we’ve done and it works very well.

Also great advice.